Where Did All The Flowers Go?


Where Did All The Flowers Go?

Where did all the flowers go, Daddy?

They’re looking for sunlight, sweetheart.

Where did the sunlight go, Mommy?

It’s looking for a reason to shine, Darling.

Why does the sun need a reason to shine?

Because people have forgotten how to love.

Why have people forgotten how to love?

Because their lives are not their own.

Why are their lives not their own?

Because the Power Elite map their living.

Who are the Power Elite, Daddy?

Those who have chased the sun away.

Did they chase the flowers away, too?

They brought poison to the air we breathe.

Does the poison not harm us, Daddy?

Yes, we are slowly dying, sweetheart.

What will happen to our world?

In time, it will all start over again.

Again, Daddy? Has it happened before?

Yes, it has happened before, Sweetheart.

How does the world start over?

When the poison leaves the air, new people will come.


The new Civilization will have its chance to get it right.

How will they get it right?

They might not get it right, sweetheart.

Then, what happens?

What is happening now will happen again.

Is that the way of life?

Unless a new Civilization can get it right.

You mean, Love without poison in the air?


Flash Fiction – An attempt at Allegory: by Billy Ray Chitwood

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