Cloud Dancer – Another Pre-Pub Visit


Cloud Dancer – Another Pre-Pub Visit

Finishing up proofreading and editing, I thought the cover for the novel should be introduced…hope you like it!

Plus, I’m including the back matter of the cover for just a small sense of the novel’s subject matter.

Blake Fielding is on a Phoenix, AZ freeway when clipped by a semi-truck, causing a multiple pile-up. Hospitalized with his injuries, Blake’s world changes in inscrutable ways. Love comes to capture his heart forever, along with some Déja Vu, time travel, a journey along ‘The Trail of Tears’, and a murder in current time.

It’s my first venture through several genres…it was fun to write. I believe you will find it an enjoyable read.



You’ve heard this so many times, but, since I’m not the best at launching a book, maybe you readers can give me a boost – that is, read the book, then write a review on Amazon and Goodreads. Now, I can’t promise you that your heart will rejoice, but my heart surely will. What I can promise you is an excellent read, with mystical love and romance that will stay with you for a long time. There’s even some historical worthiness coming with this book – specifically about one of our country’s most egregious acts, ‘The Trail of Tears’. So, crossing a few genres in present day, you get to time travel, feel some warm heart nudges, witness a murder, and, well, just read the book – if you don’t like it, I’ll give your money back (but you have to come find me!) 🙂 That’s not going to be necessary because I know you’re going to love this book…just finishing up tightening the nuts and bolts. Cloud Dancer will be released within two weeks.  

Billy Ray Chitwood – August 12, 2016


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5 thoughts on “Cloud Dancer – Another Pre-Pub Visit

  1. Hi,Ridk,
    I requested News Times New Roman from the graphics lady, but I can’t actually say. I’ll be in touch with her soon and will find out. Thanks, Rick, hope all goes well with you. Best wishes.
    Biily Ray


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