Dedicated to Caleb Pirtle lll



The supreme commander of life

Defying all who would alter its

Steady ticking seconds

Of existence

Oh, would it but pause to

Deny a sinister plot

Deny the wrinkles

And sagging skin

Oh, would it but pause to

Stop the reasons

For wars and

Weeping children

Oh, would it but pause to

Give me one more

Chance at becoming

More than what I am

But, no, the ceaseless and

Metronomic madness wears

Its power proudly and

Without a wisp of

Sorrow for the

Dying gasps of

Fools and lovers.

Time is now my silent place

Of memories.

 (A poem by: Billy Ray Chitwood – September, 2016) 


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About My Dedication

My dedication of this poem to Caleb Pirtle lll has sound reasoning. Caleb, with over sixty penned books in his career, just released his latest masterpiece. It just might be the best I’ve read this year. Friday Nights Don’t Last Forever is a novel that really brings to life the phenomenon that is Friday night high school football, its dominant appeal to the masses, and the behind the scenes college recruiters who offer the moon to the gridiron gladiators who become heroes to their hometown and state’s loyal followers. This thriller is about quarterback Casey Clinton and his Alabama high school  making it to the state finals. Casey has reputedly the best passing arm in the nation, and all the main stream universities want him – at whatever the cost.

Just launched, Caleb already has nearly thirty reviews, mostly 5-Stars with a few scattered 4-Stars, and I’m predicting a big-screen or  ‘made for television’ movie coming from this great book…you listening, Hollywood???

Anyhow,  I’m thinking this writing machine Pirtle knows a bit about Time…

Here’s to you, Caleb! 



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2 thoughts on “Time

  1. Hi, Dianne,
    Thanks for making my day with your kind words…
    I’ve slowed down considerably on social media – just writing blogs and books, with some twitter promotion. Hope all is well at the RUC and the beautiful family who lives there! ♥
    Billy Ray


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