Interview With Christoph Fischer

)Interview With Author Christoph Fischer



Welcome to my ‘Seat of Honor’, Christoph. Though we’ve never met, I feel as if we’ve been friends for many years. 

Your writing has reached so many of us, and, with your generous support of other authors and your active role with #ASMSG (‘Authors Social Media Support Group’), many of us know of your active and hectic life… I shall let that, your life, be my starting point:

Q – You were born in Germany near the Austrian border, a Sudeten-German, if I remember correctly. Will you sketch for us your youth and your path to writing? 

A – My father was a Sudeten-German, correct. My youth was spent in Bavaria, being bored and reading plenty. I wanted more excitement than I had. I went on to become a librarian but didn’t have ambitions to write until much later in life. Working as flight attendant on long haul flights gave me a lot of time and I started writing then, more as an experiment.

Q – My ancestral history began in a hamlet in Buckinghamshire, north of London, and I’ve only visited once – quite an experience, from both an emotional and historic perspective. Care to tell us how you like living in West Wales and how you’ve come to be there?

A – Coming from a rural background in Bavaria, middle age has brought me back to that way of life, I guess. My partner is from South Wales and the choice for the exact location was influenced by the vicinity to his ailing parents.
I love living here, the people and the landscape are amazing and I have become part of the community at lightning speed thanks to the warm nature of the Welsh people.

Q – I’m delighted to have read some of your books – The Gamblers – Ludwika: A Polish Woman’s Struggle to Survive in Nazi Germany – The Luck of the Weisensteiners.  Is there a special place where you do your writing? A best atmosphere for your writing?

A I like to be secluded in the office, quiet and out of the way, preferably during the early morning hours. If inspiration is missing, a walk with my dogs does wonders. However, once I’m in the middle of writing a new story, I could work almost anywhere, then I have total tunnel vision.

Q – In Ludwika and Weissensteiners there is a certain poignancy, both heart-warming and heart-breaking, somehow personal in your rendering. Is that something on which you can comment?

A – Thank you. While researching both books I was fascinated by the effect that the larger picture had on the individual. I wanted to show how far reaching those political events were in the lives of the ‘little people’.

 Q – A ‘must ask’ question: are there authors you feel influence your writing?

A – Lionel Shriver’s sharp wit and surgical dissection of difficult topics has inspired me, as much as Patrick Gale led the way of including gay characters casually rather than as main topic in his books. 

Q – What is your favorite music and song?

A – Cheesy European Pop; Abba and the likes. “Xanadu” is one of my favourite songs, if not the…

Q – Your favorite author and book?

A – “Shantaram” by Gregory David Roberts

Q – Okay, the really dumb questions: what is your favorite color?

A – Red

Q – And, while I’m at it, your favorite meal and junk food?

A – Vegan Goulash

Q – Aw, well, might as well, your favorite movie?

A – Casino Royale (Woody Allen)

Q – Okay, just one more for us who need to know, your favorite actor/actress?

A – Laura Linney and Ewan McGregor

Q – You are so busy with your writing, your support of other writers, so, of what are the leisure moments made?

A – Cycling, playing football, watching Comedy TV, socialising with friends, dog walking

Q – I’m soon to read your most recent book, 

The Body In The Snow: A Bebe Bollinger Murder Mystery (Bebe Bollinger Murder Mysteries Book 1). Tell us a bit about the book and the series.

 A – “The Body In The Snow (A Bebe Bollinger Murder Mystery)” is a cozy murder mystery set in rural Wales during a snow storm. A reluctant fading singer, desperate for a comeback, gets involved in a murder investigation in her village. This all happens during the snowstorm of a century, which traps her with odd and quirky neighbours, a murdered body and a desperate detective

Q – Working on a new writing project? Tell us about it.

A – I’m currently working on the sequel to “The Healer”, my psychological thriller about a cancer patient and a faith healer. I can’t tell you too much about it without spoiling it. It is another thriller, this time set in the Caribbean and is all about trust, truth and settling scores. Characters from “The Gamblers” will also feature in it.

Q – So many writers can’t sleep. They get out of bed and write. Are you one of these insomniacs?

A – Yes

Q – Will you describe what you consider a great day?

A – A glorious morning walk with my dogs, a productive writing session, lunch with friends, a bit of gardening and playing football in the evening.

Q – Last question. I think I might know, but what is your favorite of the books you’ve written?

A – THE HEALER probably. It was my first thriller and I will always have a soft spot for it.

 Thank you, Christoph, for spending time with me today. Your wide array of books offer us Yankees and other nationalities more views of the world as seen from your perspective. While entertaining, your books give readers glimpses past and present of a world not so uncommon but sharing a unity of beliefs and cultures.

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Tarnished Vanity


Tarnished Vanity

It was an itch on my right cheek.

I scratched the itch.

Another itch came to my other cheek.

I scratched that itch.

Other itches came to the face near the eyes.

I scratched those itches.

I was sitting in a hotel bar with friends

The friends noticed my discomfort.

“Are you okay?” a friend asked.

“Excuse me, I must go,” I said.

I left the table and went to the Men’s Room.

I looked in the mirror.

Red blotches covered my face.

The itches started on my chest.

I was mortified!

I went to my hotel room.

The itches continued.

I became frantic.

I went to the nearest hospital emergency room.

The intern told me I had Hives!

Who knew!

I never had hives in my life.

The intern called it ‘CIU’.

‘Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria’

Fancy Medical terminology.

‘C-lasting over 6 weeks’

‘I-no one knows the cause’.

‘U-medical word for Hives’.

The intern gave me a shot.

Gave me a prescription for medication.

My CIU was gone in 3 days.

Over the next six months,

I had new breakouts of CIU.

Treatment, the same:

Emergency Room.


Gone in three days.

Okay, I know this likely has very little interest to most of the readers. However, at the time, I was into acting: doing TV commercials, some stage and film work, plus modeling. My humility notwithstanding, the vanity did come into play. Hives (CIU) had never been a remote part of my consciousness and it scared the proverbial daylights out of me.

As a teenager I had acne issues, at the time a most serious intrusion into my young life. It was a mild intrusion but I made it much too big in my high school years. There were several young ladies I wanted to pursue, a lovely majorette and a cheerleader, and it had reached my ears that they wanted to date me… I even got up enough courage to ask the majorette out for a movie date, got ‘cold feet’ by the time the date day came around and stood her up. Going to her school locker the next Monday, she passed me with her eyes fixed on the ceiling, letting me know she hated me.

Later, while in the Navy and home on leave, I had my date with the majorette. At least, she no longer hated me.

When my Navy years were behind me, my face all clear of pimples, I became a womanizer and lotus eater of sorts…living, as they say, in the ‘fast lane’.

Somewhere along the line I grew up and became more responsible. In my life. Looking back on those teen and pre-teen years, there were a lot of emotional obstacles. I was easy prey for zit time…it was just an added default position.

If young people are reading this and going through the zit-period, try to keep your sanity. The zits will go, and that’s a promise!

Billy Ray Chitwood – October 15, 2016


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      The lovely lady squinted as she stood on her penthouse balcony, grasped the iron railing and looked at the distant clouds hovering above the horizon.

Standing there in her long powdery blue night gown, her image portrayed a classic Princess-like profile with all the voluptuous and titillating curves that brought men to their knees. Her face was to cherish: lips full of the sweetest imaginable wine that gave kisses long lingering promises of other delights; magical blue eyes that mesmerized and projected a strange mystical sadness.

The sun she gathered from some days on the beach made her glow with some wondrous and nostalgic essence, her long silky auburn hair not bothered by the slight breeze that moved it gently across her face.

She watched the wave ripples shifting the sand and bringing ashore sea glass and ageless plant debris. Two tears appeared, spilled over the lower lids, and fell down her face. A small trembling smile came as her thoughts mixed with the sea glass and plants on the shore…

“Oh, Jessie,” she whispered as a zephyr carried her words out upon the ripples. “Why, why, why?” she implored of her Deity. “Why has the world gone crazy? Why did they send you to Afghanistan? I can’t make it without you. Here at our favorite retreat I hoped to find some semblance of sanity, but there is nowhere to go that will bring peace, a reason to go on without you.”

She sighed a small surrender.

She placed her left foot on the lower stretch of balcony iron and tightened her grip on the top railing. She looked again at the clouds on the distant horizon, at the ripples coming to shore with their cargo. She pulled her body upward on the railing and gave the horizon one more poignant gaze.

From some silent place inside the penthouse came the words: “Cut! That’s a take!”

Flash Fiction by Billy Ray Chitwood – October 1, 2016

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