Soul Infections

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Soul Infections

Have you ever thought about what life was like without all the technological advances and the fast doubling and re-doubling of knowledge?

Have you considered how life events shape your attitude and emotions? Why you are upset much of your waking moments? Why good news reawakens your latent capacity for positive behavior?

Look, I know I’m begging questions here and crossing generational lines. Sure, the younger people born in today’s world notice no great shift in their lives. They are living it, breathing it, and many ignoring it. The young among us accept the new PC rules of conduct, or, the jarring news that assaults us daily, finding a subliminal home somewhere in our psyche, no doubt to be altered in the next news cycle.

What am I writing here?

Damned if I know!

Except… Might as well get it off my mind

What do I know, or, think I know? I stay informed about what is going on in the world – North Korea building their Nuke capabilities-Russia this, Russia that, Syria, Iran, two political parties relentlessly shoveling their agendas on us with each tick of the News clock, no matter that so much of it is absurd, petty and schoolyard antics… One political party does this much more so than the other because they ‘can’t handle the truth’…their hatred shows with each primetime news session. We have a country to protect and to serve, and these people who work for us spend their days with confounding foolery… Okay, perhaps Russia did some hacking. Don’t know for sure, but they’ve been known to do it many times before this election. The simple truth is there are so many important policies we need to be shaping, rather than one side whimpering constantly over a presidential election loss.

I’m not a political pundit. I just want my country to stay free, to work as our great constitution provided. The American people elected a business man to be president of the United States, a brash, politically ineloquent man with his words, but an indefatigable mover and shaker, a man who seems to thrive on controversy and following through on his campaign promises of more jobs, better economy, defeating Islamic Terrorists, protecting our borders against illegal aliens crossing with their drugs, restructuring trade policies, cutting wasteful government programs, improving our infrastructure, re-shaping our foreign policy, enhancing our education system, and repealing Obama Care…

In my humble opinion, Donald Trump is a pragmatic, no-nonsense kind of man, plus, a workaholic. The president has already come through on many of his campaign pledges, including putting a new face on our foreign policies, meeting with Heads of State across the globe and establishing what seems to be promising and refreshing relationships. Job growth is up. New businesses are anchoring down in America. A great wall is to be built along our southern border – perhaps a solar panel gem.

I am not an Ideologue, not even close, but I do have a healthy dose of common sense. Born into Appalachian poverty, I’ve used plenty of outhouses and kerosene lamps in my day, and I can remember wanting more in life, but never envying someone who had more than I. Mistakes, bad judgements, I’ve made a plenty, and, wow, I’ve made it to twilight with a good wife, good home, wonderful children, and grandchildren I adore. So, please, understand, there are plenty of views to have about our political landscape, and I try hard to understand the reasoning of a few people who bleed just like I do. In fact, I’m amazed at times that folks can’t come together on something that seems to this old country boy a ‘slam dunk’!

When Barack Obama won the presidency, I was really impressed with his eloquent oratory and wanted him to succeed in making our nation a country finally at a point in history where bigotry and hatred would begin to recede faster and further back in history’s recording. Instead, he was on the world stage apologizing for America. At home, he was creating what seemed to me a socialistic structure of Political Correctness, welfare programs that would redistribute the wealth of hard-working Americans and Entrepreneurs to further entrench people, many without inclination to work or to find work. Obama steered his administration toward a massive Health program that is today holding many of our citizens hostage.

Having come into office with modest earnings, President Obama today is worth millions, working on becoming a billionaire, making $400,000 for each speaking engagement. I certainly have no resentment for the man making some serious bucks, but, really, this much money for a guy that once said he didn’t become president to work for the ‘fat cats’, a guy that was always on the stump preaching about financial inequality, only to become after leaving office an elite one-percenter.

The most ominous and visceral truth for me is that this man left the country in financial and societal disarray, the likes of which I’ve never seen in my lifetime… His glib and magical words seem now to me ominous omens. While I’m at it, I shall apologize to those who still think the man is all ‘peaches and cream’.

To finish up this little tirade, what I hope and pray will happen is that the disappointed people who have hatred for President Donald Trump will step back, relax, and give this non-political Commander-in-Chief a chance to, yes, Make America Great Again!

Mark Twain said it best: “Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt!”

Billy Ray Chitwood – July 14, 2017


2 thoughts on “Soul Infections

  1. Thanks, Bill, for an enjoyable and thought-provoking morning with your thoughts and my cup of coffee. I hope you and Julie are well. It’s hot here. Really hot.

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  2. Thanks, buddy! Yes, I’ve noticed your ‘really hot’ temps…and, we’re trying to get back there. Have to sell our ‘mansion on the hill’ first, however! We are well – thanks for the thought. We hope you, Renni, and Gentry are well and holding up in the heat… Hey, there’s a beach I know about 3+ hours away from you! Check it out! 🙂


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