A New Destiny

Washington DC Prepares For Presidential Inauguration

A New Destiny

     On Friday, January 20, 2017, the United States writes the first chapter in its new destiny – what should be the peaceful transition of National power, the swearing-in of a new president, Donald J. Trump.

    With this inauguration, America ushers in a new destiny with a man who defies all the odds to become our Commander-in-Chief. Donald Trump at this point in our history is a ubiquitous figure throughout the world, and people of different persuasions are busy weighing in with their appraising thoughts.

    Some in our Democracy believe, or, know, that, once in the White House, then President Trump will challenge the long-standing status quo and bring about changes that will damage the national and global profile of our great country, that he will bring changes to our entitlement programs that will harm the elderly, the poor, and the needy, that his total lack of political experience will bring chaos and a national deficit which will devastate our economy, that he is too brash and self-centered to have the high privilege of serving in this high office.  

    Some in our Democracy believe, or, know, that then President Trump is truly going to make ‘America Great Again’, altering our political landscape by eliminating stifling regulations, lowering taxes, growing jobs, getting immigration under control, building up our military, changing and/or localizing our education system, giving parents more possibilities for their children to better learn at the skill levels that fit and are important to them, helping the elderly and poor handle their health needs, introducing new health plans that are more affordable, and to halt the terrible tide of terrorism in all its forms.

    You can choose your side…some of you likely know where I land between the two above suggested scenarios, and that goes along with our Democracy’s freedom of expression.

    Personally, I would hope we could all embrace the time-honored tradition of a peaceful transition. After all, it is not the president we honor on inauguration so much as it is the process – a democracy changing its governance, dictated by the will of the people.

    Some people still wish to talk about the ‘popular vote’ being the best way for choosing a president in lieu of the ‘electoral college’.

    It is hard for me to remain silent on this issue. The states of New York, California, and Illinois will generally supply enough liberal votes to elect their preference under this system. What about the other states – the heartland, those people who work our fields for food, laborers who lay the brick and mortar for our buildings, the folks who would be forgotten in a ‘popular vote’ democracy…that would mean just a few states would decide our elections. I’m not saying the states mentioned who want the ‘popular vote system’ do not have these people. These states do have the ‘crop producers’ and ‘skilled laborers’, but, they are traditionally outnumbered by the liberal left. It just seems to me an unfair system when we make the votes of so many in other states meaningless.

    Okay, I’m just one voice speaking up for a peaceful transition of power on inauguration day… Tomorrow! You have your ‘free speech’ and ‘assembly’ rights. It is my fervent hope and prayer that all is peaceful on this day of our time-honored traditional transfer of power. That is what our great Democracy and Freedom is all about, what our founding fathers intended, and what so many of our brave patriots have fought and died in wars to protect.

Billy Ray Chitwood – January 19, 2017

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Reality and Truth


A World I Once Knew


A World I Once Knew

 An Informal Thesis

Behind those stern faces in the faded picture above, there is a stoic acknowledgement of the times in which my Mama and Papa lived. Behind their stern expressions there are compassion and love. They likely didn’t know too much about cameras and picture-taking back then.


How do I know about their compassion and love?


They’re my paternal grandparents, and I lived with them in that clapboard house behind where they sit in the picture. A great depression was hitting the country. Malaria and lack of jobs brought Appalachia to its knees, decimating the southern population. Not only the diseases were claiming lives, but the great depression was claiming families with disconnect and divorces. The men went where there were jobs, often leaving their families and traveling to other states. Many men were angered by what they perceived as a government forgetting the people they represented and took their anger out on their spouses and children.


My father and mother divorced. Because my mother could not provide for us, my older sister was sent to live with my maternal grandparents. I was sent to live with those sweet people in the picture above.


There were some families in our rural hamlet much worse off than my Mama and Papa, and I can remember vividly Papa taking sacks of potatoes to a clan living nearby and to others who needed help.


Mama and Papa had a cow they called Bessie and a mule called Fred. Bessie left each morning to graze in the green fields. She had a brass bell around her neck, and, in the late afternoon I would go find Bessie and bring her home for milking…she was always easy to find because of her brass bell.


Papa tilled his land with Fred, grew corn, potatoes, green onions, tomatoes, turnips, green beans, and slopped his hogs. Aside from those chores Papa also ran a steam engine around the mountain near us and hauled lumber back to the local sawmill. I remember Mama packing his metal lunch pail in the morning, and I ran down the old dirt and gravel road to greet him in the afternoon. He was whistling and grinning when he grabbed me, hugged me, whiskered me gently, teasingly, and gave me what was left in the metal lunch box.


There were two brothers and a daughter living in that small clapboard house. For a while I slept with my pre-teen aunt until a cot was set up for me in the living room. The brothers dropped out of school and were helping Papa with the planting and the hogs. The brothers tried to teach me how to hoe corn, but I was too small and couldn’t last too long.


Mama had her roosters and hens, collected the eggs every morning and carefully filled her apron and carried them to the house. She washed her clothes with lye soap, stirred them with a broom handle in a big black iron tub outside, and hung them on her clotheslines to dry. As another chore she took Bessie’s milk and churned it into butter in a tall porcelain container, pumping that churn rod up and down for what seemed like hours. On certain mornings I would hear the hens yacking like crazy as Mama chased them. When she caught one, she wrung its neck with long sweeping circles until its body went flying off into the grass.


The meals Mama cooked were to my little boy’s tummy a real taste treat…


Well, why am I writing about all of this?


To tell the truth, my memories go back there a lot, some of them really good, some, not so much.


What truly prompts this writing spell are some political speeches heard this year. It is election time here in 2016, and, well, it’s my belief we made a big mistake by twice electing Mr. Obama. (The previous sentence has nothing to do with Racism – in fact, the man impressed me back in 2008 and I wanted him to succeed.) However, in all my years I’ve never seen the country as fouled up as it is today…with all the ‘political correctness’ and what I consider some terrible decisions made by this president and his administration.


Now, we’ve got Hillary Clinton running for the Democrats and Donald Trump running for the Republicans. There are some who believe these two don’t give us much of a choice. But I’m thinking our freedom and liberty, our democracy, are in the worst trouble that I can remember, and I don’t want eight more years with this far-left leaning woman. So, I’m voting for Donald Trump. He’s got some good people in the background working with him, and he’s certainly not the same old brand.


Now, look, of course, you will vote the way your heart and mind tell you. I’m really not trying to sway anybody. For me, though, this Obama fellow and this Clinton woman have screwed things up about as bad as they can be screwed up. I’ve seen the USA in the good and bad times, but, for me, this is a critical election. If there is any chance of saving our republic, we have to get away from establishment politics and get a fresh face in the oval office, make many changes (including on what and how we expect our government public servants to spend our hard-earned money).


If Donald Trump does only a few of the things he’s promising, then I can feel our nation is back on a solid foundation – you know, how those good people who wrote the Constitution wanted it to be, how my family want it today, how Mom, Dad, Mama and Papa would have wanted it to be.


Back when the old picture above was taken, the country was not in its best place. But my dearly beloved Mother did eventually make a home for my sister and me through a lot of hard work.


My Dad served in the Navy, as did I. His brothers served in the army and Army Air Force. One of my uncles was at Hickam Air Force Base when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor on an early Sunday morning in December, 1941. He lived through that awful attack but it changed him in many ways.


So, surely not bragging, I’ve been in that place called ‘Poverty’, seen the domestic violence that comes from no jobs and the subjugation by government of minorities and the lower class with their ‘Welfare’ programs and give-away experiments – fouling up the middle class along the way.


It’s been said often enough that subjects like politics and religion should be avoided by those of us of different belief and faith. Well, it just seems, if ever there was a time to share feelings and thoughts, it is during this critical year of our republic. Our democracy, our freedom and liberty, those noble ideals in our Constitution, they’re under a heavy weight right now, and a lot of our brave men and women have fought wars to protect the embodiment of that document.


Now, I suspect I should be apologizing for putting out into cyberspace my humble and raw thoughts, but I will because it’s my right. We need a federal government to protect our shores, keep us safe from predators through the ‘Rule of Law’, make sure there is no dominance in one sector of business over another, in short, make sure it understands at all times that it works for the people and that there are no special gratuities for the public servants who wish to serve. With all the bureaucracies set up by the government, the money of tax-paying Americans is recklessly spent and the will of the people are undermined.


In November, we the people must decide by voting who we want to be our next president. For me, the choice is simple because the last eight years have seen incredible decisions and ‘executive orders’ made by an administration who seems to think it knows better than its citizens where it is we want to go and what we expect. It is perhaps repetitive but we do live in a perilous world today, and we really need to inspect carefully the people who would run our country.


For me, I don’t want an arrogant government that tells me: ‘You didn’t build your business!’ ‘ISIS is a JV team!’ ‘If you have a doctor and plan you like, you can keep it!’


What I do want is a government that follows the articles and amendments of our great Constitution: NOT create a bigger welfare system; NOT interfere so actively in our Free Enterprise and let the private sector and entrepreneurs create our businesses; NOT play race, sexist, political correctness, distribution of wealth cards; NOT put off any longer securing our borders; NOT diminish our military might but make it stronger; NOT subjugate any longer our African-American brothers and sisters, our Latino brothers and sisters, set them free to be all that they can be through their own efforts – through family-unity programs, neighborhood embassies; BRING back manufacturing jobs and companies who have chosen to leave our country – create jobs; DECISIVELY defeat the radical Islamic Terrorists.


I really don’t care if it’s a Democrat, Independent, or a Republican who gets these jobs accomplished. However, I’m reasonably sure it will not be Hillary Clinton who has the leadership qualities, the strong will, energy, and the temperament who can do the vital and necessary work to right our tilting ship of State.


Why? Because of the recorded lies she told, the erasure of countless thousand e-mails, the pounding destruction of telecommunication devices, and the distrust so many in our nation have for this woman.


Why? Because I can remember the good people who died in Benghazi, the inaction, lies and cover-up, the Libyan operation that brought death to a dictator and chaos to a country and helped in part the creation of ISIS and other terror groups over that troubled part of the world.


Why? Because, try as I might, no memory comes to me of Hillary Clinton accomplishing anything of notable political significance in her lifetime. It’s my humble opinion we have so many intelligent and wise women in and out of our government ranks that have so much more to offer as the first female president.


So, unashamedly, and, with only my non-pundit gathering of political affairs over the years, I will be casting my vote for Donald Trump. We are at ‘critical mass’ – a change is desperately needed. Mr. Trump has some astute people behind him, exemplary politicians and military brass, to assist him. The Donald certainly has a solid record of achievements – and a beautiful family. He is indefatigable – amazing energy he expends in traveling the states and getting his message out. He can be bold and brash in his assertiveness, but under that veneer is a man of compassion, a man who wants to get things right for our country. He is not a politician, and, maybe, that’s a good thing. If I did not believe these words I’m writing, there would be no vote this November from me.


My hope is that Donald Trump has the chance to ‘Make America Great Again’!


Billy Ray Chitwood – September 27, 2016


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Imagine the end of corruption, evil, and greed.

Imagine no need for news and sensationalism.

Imagine hearts and minds filled only with love.

Imagine Peace an unbroken global standard.

Imagine Freedom and Liberty uncompromised.

Imagine honesty and integrity never doubted.

Imagine crime and wars words void and unspoken.

Imagine Happiness an implicit way of life.

“Hey, man, you nuts? You can’t have a world like that! How you gonna know what’s good without some bad? We gotta have opposites in life. You know, ‘hate and love’, ‘crime and punishment’, ‘peace and war’.”

“Why are you looking over my shoulder? This is none of your business. Plus, I’m not finished with this, yet. Sure, I’m presenting some kind of ‘Eloi’ scenario here – you know, it was one of H. G. Wells ‘time travel’ stops. AND, I know what you’re saying…how do you get billions of people in that mindset? The Philosophy Professor wanted the class to write a paper on ‘Faith and Spiritual Disparity’ in the world, while offering an idealistic human condition… Now, buzz off, I have to finish this paper.”

“Okay, pal, but you’re writing that ‘Imagine’ stuff about Heaven or a parallel universe Utopia.”

“Well, now, you are the bright one! That’s exactly what I’m doing… Now, go, and bring back McDonald’s Big Macs, French fries, and coke – to be more exact, Coca Cola!”

Flash Fiction by: Billy Ray Chitwood – 7/26/16

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Sunday With The Grandparents



Sundays with The Grandparents

It’s been so long ago, but I remember the wonderful weekends at my grandparents – kerosene lamps, outhouses, and all… those inconveniences of the times that were taken for granted and did not spoil the most special feeling of family and love.

Many of my uncles and aunts were there with their families, and the setting was perfect – even with the L&N Railroad tracks within fifty yards of the old gray railroad section house. My cherubic Grandpa was an L&N Section Foreman and the finest dispenser of love and wisdom that I’ve ever known.

In the afternoon, some of us boys played catch and some played horseshoes. The girls were either helping, or, getting in the way of the women cooking up that good old southern food. I remember hearing the giggles and playful sounds coming from inside the house.

It seemed the weather was always sunny in Madisonville, Tennessee during those family weekends, but, surely, there would be no rain in my memory banks. The side lawns were freshly mown and that familiar delicious smell filled the air. Hedgerows separated the L&N tracks from the house, only minimally muting the sound of passing trains and their lonesome whistles. Lovely beds of flowers of all colors dotted the landscape.

In his coveralls (can’t remember ever seeing him in clothes other than his coveralls), my beautiful ‘Santa Claus’ built grandfather brought the old ice cream maker, the rock salt, and ice to the side yard nearest the kitchen, ready for cranking that handle round and round. We little guys would do the initial cranking while the cream in the cylindrical metal container was not ready to thicken. When more rock salt and ice were added, that old crank got harder and harder to turn. So, the little guys would reach a point where they could not budge the crank. Then, the big guys would take over.

There were watermelons and some would turn out to be a whitish-green inside – that is, uneatable – but we would all laugh about it.

Grandma and her inside crew, including my Mom and her sisters, were the real heroines of the day. There was so much good tasting food, most of us swore off eating for a week.

The really big thing, though! Well, actually, there were two really big things!

There was something almost sacred about those weekends. Happiness and Love were there in abundance and they showed on all the faces. Oh, there was always some mention of family and world’s problems, but most of all, it was a reaffirmation of family closeness.

The other big thing was Grandma’s prayers. Now, you have not heard anyone pray like my sweet Grandma prayed. She gathered us all in the big living room, and we knelt on the floor while she cried, laughed, screamed her long, long prayer of thankfulness, of hope, of peace and the great glory of Jesus and our ultimate eternal homes.

They were weekends I find easy to remember and, while we go through our orbits and wars and our political uncertainties, I can find in those childhood memories some semblance of unity and love…

We just need to find a way to dispense that unity and love throughout a troubled world.

I’m thinking we need more of my Grandmas and Grandpas.

      Billy Ray Chitwood – May 11, 2016     

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When a Leader…


When a Leader…

When a leader denies the urges of greed and trappings of gold to do what is right for the nation he leads, the people will always win.

When a leader stands by what he/she knows to be morally right, when a soft compromise does not damage the true essence of a law, policy, and principle, the people will always win.

When a leader is given false data and acts on that data, yet later discovers the fallacies therein and declares an action void, the people will always win.

When a leader is charismatic and genuinely speaks from the heart without mutterings of doubt, the people will always win.

When a leader takes the complexity of an issue away so that all can understand, the people will always win.

When a leader protects by all means available against an enemy off our shores, with a sound entry and exit strategy, the people will always win.

When a leader provides jobs and a thriving economy, the people will always win.

When a leader can provide avenues of learning for the skills of many, the people will always win.

When a leader keeps the military components of his nation at the highest qualitative and quantitative numbers, the people will always win.

When a leader has Faith in a higher Intelligence, without bias for those of other legitimate Faiths, and shows that in his actions, the people will always win.

When a leader follows a script for governance and the rule of law, written in the blood of past generations, the people will always win.

When a leader and his team of leaders know when it is time to go and replace themselves with honorable men and women, the people will always win.

Billy Ray Chitwood – April 14, 2016

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Lovely room!

Speaks of opulence and success!

Am I envious?

Sure! Would love to have such a room in my home – it’s magnificent and its beauty draws you in.

My envy does not bring me to a point of anger and hatred for the person who owns this room. The occupants of this room – and, presumably, mansion – worked hard and long to attain this marvelous environment. On the other hand, all of this could have been willed to a son and/or daughter – with a lot of cash to go with it. That’s okay, too.

My memories are of Appalachia, kerosene lamps, and out houses…parents divorcing and family disconnect.

Surely, no one is envious of that scenario!

I was fortunate. I was lucky. I achieved a modicum of success in my life – made it through college on the GI Bill and working for Sears. There were plenty of mistakes to go with my successes, and there were (and, are) occasional visits from my guilt demons. All in all, this great country and its people made it all possible for me. Opportunities came, and I took advantage of them…democracy, freedom, liberty at work.

When I hear politicians talking about ‘inequality’ and how we need to even the ‘playing field’, I’m thinking: What the hell are they talking about? Surely these people know that equality for the masses is implausible and impossible given the nature of so many factors – mental deficiency, propensities for crime and idleness, family breakdowns, mobility, sub-standard education, a whole range of factors.

So, these politicians who talk about inequality, who want to tax the wealthy, increase taxes on the middle class, add stiffer regulations for corporations, add to the stack of entitlements already in place, they must have superior intelligence on how to make this happen. Can they not understand that these acts would crush our economy…corporations would leave the country – as they already have – and find friendlier benefits in other countries.

There are some things of which I’m reasonable sure. There will always be this inequality. There will always be those who seek their money and political power from the taxpayers of the country, and you seldom hear them say that twenty per cent of the top wage earners pay eighty-four per cent of the income taxes, or, one per cent of top wage earners pay almost 50% of taxes. It is impossible to have equality, and there is never going to be Utopia.

What we can do is elect wisely, looking for dignity, honesty, and wisdom in our next president. In my humble opinion, we cannot afford another four years of socialistic-flavored politics. Remember what Winston Churchill said about Socialism: Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”

Billy Ray Chitwood– January 24, 2016


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Peace on Earth

images (3)

Peace on Earth – Good Will Toward Man

And it came to pass that in the twenty-first century peace on earth and good will toward man became babble from lips of the old and infirm, those dazed chanters in mental houses, those ready for the dark curtain to fall and end their parts in an elongated drama begun in a Universe itself birthed by a galactic event called the ‘Big Bang’.

The earth, the world, as the omniscient political correctness disciples ordained it, was now a global ‘war game’ where anything went, where rules were made during the individual and group slaughters: the beheadings; the human bombs destined for virginal compensation in an afterlife brothel of unending sexual pleasures; when sanity was ruled illegal and a waste of time; when education became houses of narcissism; when bright minds blended with the dull and witless, determined to end inequality of every known motive of man. This global ‘war game’ would end with a new Adam and Eve in a garden of carnage and waste.


Space ship after space ship landed on the scarred and lifeless earth, and tens of thousands new earthlings disembarked at designated latitudes, some along the great arid deserts, some along the coastal waterways, some in the mountains, and some in the inland prairies.

The missions of the new earthlings were manifold, to vaporize all vestiges of the previous inhabitants and prepare the new earth for a new global game. This time the game would have diversity and freedom of choice but only one language. There would be the absence of moral equivalency and ambiguous laws. There would be issues to solve and eventually unanimity of agreement among all earthlings. There would be harmony and peace without wars.

Only one caveat existed: there would be only one Bill O’Reilly, one Rush Limbaugh, and one Charles Krauthammer in the world, and everyone must sign up for their newsletters, under penalty of exile to the meagerly populated Siberia…OR, listening eight hours each day to the equivocations of Hillary Clinton…

 images (57) 4887fae41e3681aa07276309c42ec9c9_400x400

download (26)

If you don’t already know, these gentlemen are my heroes – O’Reilly – left, Limbaugh – right, Krauthammer – middle but right…oops! They’re all on the Right! Sorry, Bill, I know you’re independent, but you sound right…I mean, you are right in what you say nearly always, that is, correct, but right is better than left…I’m just saying…

Some Crazy thoughts by Billy Ray Chitwood – December 2015


Merry Christmas


Happy New Year

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The storm


The Storm

This could be about the ISIS storm, or, the political debate storm, or, a domestic storm…and, it is about all of these storms – plus, the weather witch is soaking our rolling hills with rain, lightning, and thunder…


Now, I don’t know about you (if you care enough to be informed on matters facing our Republic), but I’m really, REALLY, tired of the barbarians in the Middle East cutting off heads of children and adults for not believing in their stupid ideology which tells them to kill everyone who does not believe what they believe because destiny has them occupying the throne of the world…a side thought makes me wonder, should that happen, what the hell would they do for fun? Play Russian Roulette, or, design a parlor game of ‘Spin the Bottle’, the object being chopping off the head of ill-fated players whose misfortune it was to have the coca cola bottle neck pointing their way. Actually, what difference would it make? Death is good to these ugly bastards – they get a virgin in their heaven. I’m just saying, all lives have importance to someone no matter what part of the world they live. I’m just saying, we ought to care and be doing more, urgently and faster, as a world power to eliminate these bugs of brutality.

Where has ‘common sense’ been hiding? A Secretary of State and/or one of his loony aides cannot negotiate with madness. My common sense tells me this: before I let these idiots get to my country and start killing off my family and friends, I’m taking them out any way I can – by non-stop bombing attacks and a few ground troops (which we should have done over a year ago when they crossed Syria’s border into Iraq…they were in a vast open desert, easy prey for our mighty forces). Good people of any religion, no matter where they live, should not be arbitrarily killed by brazen idiotic ideologues. My common sense tells me this is not JV bullying. These mad men and women want us dead. Can we be so blind as not to see this? If we really and truly love this nation of ours, we need to get leadership that knows their history, knows that when good folks don’t see the ‘Hitlers of the world’ coming, doom is not far ahead. My common sense tells me that life is precious, even for those in a foreign land we don’t know. Life is a gift from God, or, for some people, a gift from an anonymous source. My common sense tells me not to mention ‘the Crusades’, Rome, Russia, Korea, Iran, any country that decided to let a few dictate to the many…how did that work out?

I am more a ‘dove’ than a ‘hawk’ but senseless killing by an Islamic terrorist group must not be on life’s menu of activities. Diplomacy is not an option with these monsters of mankind… We would be wise to remember that Neville Chamberlain and France in 1939 pursued a policy of appeasement in the hopes that Hitler would not bring Europe into war…again, how did that work out? If you hold an ‘Isolationist’ view, I likely infuriate and speak to empty air… We should not need reminding that our shores are indeed reachable. We recently celebrated our Independence… We should not need reminding that our Independence, our freedom, our liberty, came at a very high cost – millions of courageous men and women gave their lives during wars in foreign lands to preserve our way of life.

Our tiny orb in the universe holds eight billion people, and Science/Technology are putting the squeeze on all of us to find ways of living peacefully in a global society…so many different cultures and languages interfacing on a worldwide web creating complex social issues, dispensing some sincerity of purpose along with hatred and vitriol. We can hope Scientists, Micro-biologists, Brain Surgeons, and the Nano-Tech people can come up with microscopic implants or miracle pills that can make communication and global unity a real possibility. In the meantime, we need to face current realities…there are monsters of the midway heading in our direction, and we need to eradicate them.


The greatest political show of possibly any century is unfolding before us, with so many points and counter-points to make us dizzy. On one side of that political show, we have a group running for President of the United States that changes the face of our Republic even more drastically than it has been changed in the past six a half years. On the other side we have a large group who will likely squabble and squander a chance to elect someone who will stem the rush toward Socialism (that’s the ‘ism’ that sounds relatively good until it is in practice, until the power brokers and the elite take over, centralize, and give the reins of ruling the many to a few – for reference, see your history books!) I love this country, its Constitution, its Freedom for any of us to be what it is we wish, without a large bureaucratic government becoming too intrusive in our lives. That’s what my common sense tells me.


Domestically, my wife is taking the ‘liberty’ to nap while I’m typing this important piece of rant and rave… She will, however, awaken and find that I have again written a blog that will alienate me even further from the people I wish to buy my books. However, she loves me, knows that I speak not with a forked tongue. But, then, she will remind me again that what I write on the web is out there forever, and, if the heat becomes less than bearable, she might have to consider divorce…

Nah! She would not do that!!!

Billy Ray Chitwood – July 10, 2015

For those I have not alienated, there is a book that I wrote that admittedly is not politically scholarly, but it does take my views as a citizen a bit farther. If you read it and don’t like it, use the back cover for your dart boards – the front cover has a picture of one of my sons…

Joe Public’s Political Perspective



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The Omaha Park Incident


The Omaha Park Incident

(Flash Fiction)

The park was crowded with federal, local, and state political dignitaries, there for the statue unveiling of a most remarkable political figure, James Thomas Rhinestone. The outstanding leadership of this United States Senator from Nebraska led to the disposition of government gridlock which lasted for twenty years. He led the fight for bi-partisanship and transparency of congressional actions and administrative policies. In short, Mr. Rhinestone was the main catalyst in keeping democracy and freedom alive in the country, in dismantling and repealing the previous president’s socialistic executive orders.

The Omaha Park was replete with marching bands and enthusiastic speakers. The local police and security personnel were at strategic spots in the park. A colorful platform draped with American flags and beautiful vases of plants boomed the voices of politicians out across the large and lovely grounds. Thousands roared their jubilant approval after each proud statement. The sky was a bright blue for the momentous occasion, the weather comfortably warm for family picnicking on lustrous green grounds. For the thirsty and hungry there were lemonade stands, hamburger and hot dog stands. Speakers carried the messages of the orators across the vast area to loud happy shouts. Red, white, and blue kites floated lazily overhead, with kids and parents maneuvering to avoid collisions. Parents changed babies’ diapers and pushed pacifiers into their mouths to reduce the decibel level of their crying.

After a rousing introduction the final political speaker stood at the podium, an aide of the US president carrying a message about the hard work of Senator Rhinestone and a brief sketch of new policy decisions and a new course for the country…

“We are now a country revived from a long coma, able again to comprehend and abide by the Constitution of the United States. We are now a congress without the damaging quid pro quos of the past, without the filibusters than stood in the way of good honest legislation for ‘We The People’, without catering to special interests, and without remembering for whom we work.

“We are now a federal government who will help those who truly need help, who will pass on important issues to the states of our republic for rendering of decisions best made by them – education and otherwise, who will diligently deliver the very best security for our country, maintain the integrity of our borders, regulate only those entities best controlled by a central authority, balance the national budget, and commit the strength of all our armed forces to rid our country and the world of savage terrorists, those who spill blood in most heinous ways under the cloak of a religion they claim is the only one that matters. Be patient as our plans and policies are being shaped as we speak – just as a vast majority of our citizens have made their wishes known. I can solemnly promise that our actions will truly be transparent…”

As the final comments of the speaker are made, a red, white, and blue kite soars downward from the sky and crashes into the middle of the platform. With the crash comes a huge explosion that shatters the platform and kills people within fifty feet of the podium. The blood of many is thick and heavy upon the grass and shattered platform. Body parts of those near the kite blast fly into the frenzied crowd. The earth rumbles, shakes as families scream and act wildly in a cacophony of sound. Children stand mute, their eyes wide, unfocused, in bewildered shock, their faces the mirrors of a Van Gogh painting, lives forever scarred by the scenes all around them. The adults forsake reason, running, flailing, falling, bouncing into each other, dazed in their maniacal fear. In the haste cars crash into each other in an attempt to leave the scene of chaos.

It had happened!

That 9/11 moment of terror the people of America inwardly feared finally came. When reason returned and the reality was felt, anger came, blame came, crime of pettiness came, demands came, intelligence sources scurried, and, soon came an all-out US air and ground attack on Muslim terrorists in the Middle East, from Syria to West Africa, north and south. In the United States, in all fifty states, Muslims who were on the ‘Action Watch Lists’ of National Security were rounded up and put in the hastily built internment additions at Cuba’s Guantanamo Bay. The United States acted quickly to apply more crippling sanctions, choking the economy of Iran. The Iranian leadership became less belligerent and more tolerant of their perceived enemies.

The Omaha Park act of Terror created a bond among Americans reminiscent of the World War Two era and the ‘Greatest Generation’. The great and charitable nation wakened its sleeping giant to a new era of peace and prosperity

The United States prevailed and won the War on Terrorism, became again the respected leader of the free world.

Enough was enough!

Billy Ray Chitwood – March, 2015

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