Naive and/or Wise Observations


Naive and/or Wise Observations

A – People who must have their lives constantly validated, politicians, for example, will ultimately become in absentia!

B – Politics was created to satisfy Beatific games!

C – Many believe that life is really simple, not meant to be so costly and Complicated by politicians.

D – Clashing IQs definitely lead to Demented behavior.

E – False and misleading media reportage becomes an Enemy of the people.

F – There is an increasing lack of Fidelity in the would-be leaders of the free world.

G – Too many gremlins of Graft and Greed occupy important seats of decision making for ‘We the People’.

H – Being an optimist, I believe Hatred will disappear when hell freezes over…

I – The road of good Intentions has pot holes on occasion.

J – Lady Justice is not blind but she does wear a blindfold.

K – Politicians are killing me ‘not’ so softly with their words.

L – It’s true! Love does ‘Trump’ all!

M – Ah, sweet Mystery of Life and love!

N – A great spaceman, Neil Armstrong, said: “ It’s a great thing for a man to walk on the moon. But it’s a greater thing for God to walk on the earth.”

O – Here is One quote I love (from Antonin Scalia): “God assumed from the beginning that the wise of the world would view Christians as fools…and he has not been disappointed…. If I have any message today, it is this: Have the courage to have your wisdom regarded as stupidity. Be fools for Christ. And have the courage to suffer the contempt of the sophisticated world.”

P – We are Polarized in our beautiful country…but spring and summer is coming! Huh!

Q – I’m a Querulous lad! I want our country to work and get back its greatness!

R – I no doubt Rankle a few Readers with my comments…but, Really, that’s no reason not to buy my books at

S – Pardon my Silliness. It’s not hazardous to your health.

T – Is it not a Thrill ‘To gather’ some words ‘Together’ That Titillate your own emotions. Great Therapy, This writing business!

U – Following the same Thread of Thinking, I’m in Utopia when I get 5-Star Reviews!

V – This letter says it all about me, truly! Vagabond, I am! Some might like better ‘a hopeless hobo’.

W – Or, following that ‘V’ thought, some might like to call me a Wanderlust, a Wastrel, or Worse!

X – Now, this is true! I’m going to the Doctor next week and I will get an X-Ray…and maybe play a Zylophone! Okay, too much of a stretch…sorry.

Y – Another truth! My tomorrows and my Yesterdays are flying by!

Z – As in surprising, ‘Zounds’, I ran the alphabet! Can I hear from someone: “Zuper job, Billy Ray!”

Billy Ray Chitwood – March 11, 2017

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A New Destiny

Washington DC Prepares For Presidential Inauguration

A New Destiny

     On Friday, January 20, 2017, the United States writes the first chapter in its new destiny – what should be the peaceful transition of National power, the swearing-in of a new president, Donald J. Trump.

    With this inauguration, America ushers in a new destiny with a man who defies all the odds to become our Commander-in-Chief. Donald Trump at this point in our history is a ubiquitous figure throughout the world, and people of different persuasions are busy weighing in with their appraising thoughts.

    Some in our Democracy believe, or, know, that, once in the White House, then President Trump will challenge the long-standing status quo and bring about changes that will damage the national and global profile of our great country, that he will bring changes to our entitlement programs that will harm the elderly, the poor, and the needy, that his total lack of political experience will bring chaos and a national deficit which will devastate our economy, that he is too brash and self-centered to have the high privilege of serving in this high office.  

    Some in our Democracy believe, or, know, that then President Trump is truly going to make ‘America Great Again’, altering our political landscape by eliminating stifling regulations, lowering taxes, growing jobs, getting immigration under control, building up our military, changing and/or localizing our education system, giving parents more possibilities for their children to better learn at the skill levels that fit and are important to them, helping the elderly and poor handle their health needs, introducing new health plans that are more affordable, and to halt the terrible tide of terrorism in all its forms.

    You can choose your side…some of you likely know where I land between the two above suggested scenarios, and that goes along with our Democracy’s freedom of expression.

    Personally, I would hope we could all embrace the time-honored tradition of a peaceful transition. After all, it is not the president we honor on inauguration so much as it is the process – a democracy changing its governance, dictated by the will of the people.

    Some people still wish to talk about the ‘popular vote’ being the best way for choosing a president in lieu of the ‘electoral college’.

    It is hard for me to remain silent on this issue. The states of New York, California, and Illinois will generally supply enough liberal votes to elect their preference under this system. What about the other states – the heartland, those people who work our fields for food, laborers who lay the brick and mortar for our buildings, the folks who would be forgotten in a ‘popular vote’ democracy…that would mean just a few states would decide our elections. I’m not saying the states mentioned who want the ‘popular vote system’ do not have these people. These states do have the ‘crop producers’ and ‘skilled laborers’, but, they are traditionally outnumbered by the liberal left. It just seems to me an unfair system when we make the votes of so many in other states meaningless.

    Okay, I’m just one voice speaking up for a peaceful transition of power on inauguration day… Tomorrow! You have your ‘free speech’ and ‘assembly’ rights. It is my fervent hope and prayer that all is peaceful on this day of our time-honored traditional transfer of power. That is what our great Democracy and Freedom is all about, what our founding fathers intended, and what so many of our brave patriots have fought and died in wars to protect.

Billy Ray Chitwood – January 19, 2017

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Cloud Dancer


Cloud Dancer

That’s the title of my newest book – the one I’m finishing as soon as I write this post. The cover is being created in the next few days – not the image above, but one I think the readers will like.

Why Cloud Dancer? Sounds a bit American Indian-like, does it not? Well, it is.

It occurred to me that my writing thus far has embraced the genres of mystery, suspense, and romance. Because it is my wife’s belief, through her genealogy efforts, that I have a smidgen of Cherokee in my blood, I decided to venture out of my normal zone and write through several genres. The result of my efforts will be Cloud Dancer.

So, Cloud Dancer is to be primarily a romance novel, a love story for the ages, set in 2017 and 1838. It is a novel that will have some narrative sequences regarding the ‘Trail of Tears’ – the forced relocation in the 1830’s by our government of the Cherokee Nation and the other civilized tribes located in the Southeastern Appalachian area of our nation. The book will explore to some extent the pain and suffering of the Cherokee along that historic ‘Trail’ and show some bias against Andrew Jackson’s ‘Indian Removal Act’ of 1830. It was, in my opinion, one of the most corrupt and insensitive acts of our country’s government.

Be that as it may, the book also has an endearing, incredible love story, plus murder and suspense – just could not get away from the genres for which I have great interest. It has Déjà Vu, time travel, and some psycho-babble.

You might be thinking that Cloud Dancer might be too big a project to share with readers. However, in my most humble opinion, it’s one of my best novels. Of course, that is not my judgement to make. The readers, and I pray there are many, will make that decision.

Those who follow my blog will be the first to know when the book is ready for publishing and ordering.

I don’t give 100% guarantees on my books – you know, I like them all, think they are well written and entertaining, and, of the fourteen books, Cloud Dancer could very well be my best.

Thanks for your indulgence.

Billy Ray Chitwood – August 3, 2016


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Insane Leadership – Enough is Enough

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Insane Leadership

 -Enough is Enough-

The ‘politically correct’ crowd and those who crave civility and diplomacy can turn your heads, take a potty break, or, stay locked in your progressive liberal mind-sets. For me, I’ve had enough of this ISIS insanity and so very tired of an insane leadership that devalues life and is likely doing exactly what the president and his ideology have programmed.

If human life in other parts of the world can mean so little to this inept president and his crew, it signifies an end to our democracy, our freedom and our liberty. When burning people alive, cutting off heads, and killing defenseless children and women become just another insipid news conference and photo op, we are up to our` asses in alligators. My God! Don’t we know these bugs of butchery are coming to our shores? That is their freaking ‘religious beliefs’ – to conquer the world and have one huge caliphate. If we had a competent commander in chief, we would have killed off much of this group one year ago while they were in a vast isolated desert in Iraq having just crossed over the Syrian border…when they were a ‘JV’ team!

We are a country made up of immigrants who have for the most part assimilated and are very proud to be Americans. They came here to have better lives, a chance to become whatever it was they wanted to be. They learned quickly that the United States had a document called the Constitution, that we were a country of freedom and liberty but also a nation of laws… I was born in Appalachian poverty and a broken home and know that our system of government works…equal opportunity, freedom to speak your mind and protest peacefully, freedom to worship the religion of our choice. It is fine to have a large contingent of the Islamic faith, but it is not okay, in my opinion, to have them not assimilate into the American culture, to demand divisive changes and privileges that are not part of our way of life. They claim they are peaceful and separate from the Jihadist elements, but we don’t hear much from them condemning the extremists who are marching across the globe killing in horrible and terrifying ways – and openly recruiting on the internet.

I’m reminded of the movie classic, Network, the guy sticks his head out the window and says, ‘I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.’ Then, I realize what the hell can an old geezer like me do in the scheme of things? But, dammit, America, wake up! Don’t let this incompetent liberal leadership take us down the road to socialistic oblivion.

These leftist loons have built their careers on the backs of minorities, keeping them disenfranchised, taking away their dignity but their desires to have pieces of the great American pie, by race-baiting and ‘poor versus rich’ tactics. The liberal democrats want the minorities, particularly the Blacks and Hispanics, to see the conservatives as ogres who deprive them of equal opportunities for success…poppycock! It has been under conservative leadership that economic growth has come, jobs have been created, and our value to other nations have been the highest. It is the liberal side of the aisle through their penchant for entitlement programs that has brought our country into multi-trillion dollar deficits.

Yes, there are things these eyes don’t see and there might be some naiveté in the mix, but I do try to stay informed on how the taxpayer dollars are being spent by the people we elect to run our nation. From where I sit, there needs to be some programs deleted from our menu of options…like Obamacare, ‘pork’ projects like the mating of tsetse flies or some other dumb, needless activities. We need to merge and/or dismantle other agencies of government that are redundant, over-staffed, and account for much of our wasted money.

We need after all the years to put together a meaningful immigration law and immediately secure our southern border. We need to pass a law that automatically sends to prison a returning deported felon involved in yet another felony – where is the common sense that allows an illegal alien once deported from our country for serious crime to return and commit another serious crime? ‘Kate’s Law’ should be a ‘no-brainer’. We also need to defund ‘Sanctuary Cities’.

While defunding, we need to save hundreds of millions by not writing more taxpayer-paid checks to ‘Planned Parenthood’. Oh, yeah, the IRS? Let’s poke a hole in their big fat balloon and create a ‘flat tax’ system.

We need to allow the states to handle their educational needs, their entitlement issues, tax hikes and/or cuts, and many other issues which will allow the federal government to do its Constitutional job of protecting our shores, our highways, bridges, and taking care of ISIS and other radical terrorist groups. We need now to vote against the ‘Iran Nuclear’ deal, and, while we’re at it, we need to carry a ‘bigger stick’ while we practice our diplomacy. From my perspective, it is well past time that we develop and carry out a well-planned military policy for defeating the radical Islamic Terrorists.

Regarding the first-class tickets our politicians carry – medical care programs that go far beyond those of their tax-payer bosses and retirement plans that hold golden nuggets – can we close those doors? Can we limit the terms our representatives and senators can hold their offices? Perhaps, like the president: two terms. Even with some goodies taken away the pocket change is still fairly viable. These people have important jobs and they should be paid well if doing those jobs without all the ‘owe me’ and quid pro quo. They get lots of hits from the lobbyists and K Street, and I can understand the temptations can become sometimes too great. But I would sure like to see some really honest and wise people handling our country’s affairs.

There are of course other needs our citizenry have in mind…I have only scratched the surface… I have also worked out some of my anger. I have only written what I believe. If it is too brash, arrogant, whatever, I’m thinking of my kids, grandkids, and great grandkids, the world they will find at my age.

Billy Ray Chitwood – July 24, 2015

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‘Variety is the Spice’


Variety is the Spice!

(Aah, he’s at it again!)

Our DNAs and experiential yardsticks give us our make of the world in which we live. The disparity of views is Amazing, Bewildering, and Comical – the ABC Syndrome, if you will, opens wide the doors for our many amusements and biased conversations, polemic and otherwise. Somewhere in the ancient history of our country, we came up with the phrases, ‘Freedom of Speech’, ‘Equality for All’, ‘Free Enterprise’, and ‘We, The People’.

Okay, where is he going with this gibberish, you ask?

However we got there, each of us holds to some beliefs about our world – how we choose a faith, how we choose which political party’s platform to accept, how we choose the friends we have, how we choose the movies and sports events we want to see, the books we read, on and on.

A simple man, with not the brightest light to shine, all my life I’ve been, well, amazed, bewildered, and comically amused about all the disparities of thought in our country. It is difficult for me to understand how I can believe as strongly as I do about certain matters while others believe just as strongly another way. Really, I want a fair, good, and just country, like most people seem to want. The ways of getting to that fair, good, and just country, depending on which side you are on, can sometimes appear so condescendingly wrong and without good historical rationale.

So, we have Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, fundamentalists, atheists, the majority, the minority, all verbally slugging it out while we go to hell in a proverbial hand basket. The mad people across the oceans and seas in the Middle East have been fighting forever, and now we have the Islamic Terrorists factions chopping off heads, burning people alive, and threatening our own shores…to be sure, they have already been here and left their deathly calling cards. It is simple for me, people want to kill me, chop my head off, we kill them – not in the name of anything holy, but just because it is the only way to stop the ideological idiots that say ‘their way or the highway’.

Like I say, I am a simple man and my mind purveys simple truths. What do so many people in the high offices know that I do not know? When does the madness I perceive end? If variety is the spice of life, it seems to me we’ve gone to the outer edges…

We elect/hire people for our various governments – local, state, federal – and we expect them to always have ‘we the people’ interests in every decision they make. In one way or another some of these people we elect/hire get some sort of power ‘kick’ and veer off into greed and incompetency…that’s when it becomes politics and not good management. Some of these people we elect/hire to work for us make their jobs about them – delivering perks to themselves that we do not have and lose what noble ideology they might have initially embraced.

These are the outer edges where temptations come calling, where the people we elect/hire forget that there are limits to spending ‘we the people’ dollars, that there is just so much they can do to equal the playing field for all of us…there must be programs to help those who truly need, and there should be fail-safe systems in place to preclude fraud and manipulation. The United States has a Constitution that is the blueprint for a free society. Some believe that Constitution is being taken apart by those who want not ‘we the people’ but a massive system of bureaucracies to control our lives.

There are games we can buy to amuse ourselves. Our freedom and liberty comes at a high price and are not games – they are guarantees. The people we elect/hire should not take them to the outer edges for their own grandiose socialistic theories. Change can be good. Change can also be bad…therein lies the conundrum. Some of our people go to their jobs and enjoy their social activities with very little factual knowledge about the great country in which they live. The time is past due to overhaul a unionized Education system and allow ‘choices’ for the families who want the best for their children.

Politicians can be good. Politicians can be bad. In our world today where we fight a new kind of war, ‘Islamic Terrorism’, we seem to forget the meaning of the word, ‘illegal’, as in ‘illegal immigrants’, and our borders are porous and in dire need of being made secure. Yet, it’s a political football tossed around in so many directions by so many of those we elect/hire to handle such business. Security should be the number one priority for elected/hired people – along with Education, Economy and Jobs, a strong Military, Intelligence Gathering…

Is it not imperative that we move back from the ‘outer edges’ of political thought and return to our fundamental ideals and values?

It seems I have given a sophomoric lecture about the state of our union, about the politicians who play at the ‘outer edges’, perhaps merely a rant and rave with little substance and short on answers. What if I could be wrong about all of which I have written here? What if what I so stubbornly hold to be the truth is not the truth? My life’s experiences, the words of history, force me to believe so. Words can be empty and without any force, but they are here in Twilight my freedom of expression.

It is my hope that these words do not offend anyone… It is just that our country, in my thinking, is at a critical juncture in history. I truly believe we need new leaders who can manage the people’s affairs, have a great sense of history’s lessons, and a sincere desire to constitutionally act with transparency and truth.

It should be apparent to even ‘dinosaurs’ like me that change can be good, but let the change not repeat the mistakes of historical records. Who among us wish to live without our freedom and liberty?

Billy Ray Chitwood – February 7, 2015

Joe Public’s Political Perspective is the book I’m featuring this week. It has not the pundit’s words, the political analyst’s words, simply the thoughts of a citizen who is concerned about the future of his country – for his children, grandchildren, his friends and neighbors. Some will perhaps enjoy the simple musings. Others will not. But here it is for your consideration.



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Some Rip Van Winkle Thoughts!


Some Rip Van Winkle Thoughts!

Maybe my neurons are shorting out! Maybe I just don’t get it! Maybe my common sense is not so common! Yes, I know one should not talk or write so much about the political world and/or religion – just creates contrarians, enemies, and maybe a few friends. Yet, I’m a ‘dinosaur’ too old for ‘political correctness’ and all the truly gobbledygook in the political rhetoric today… I’m just going to write it as I feel it. My feeling is we have made mistakes in decisions about foreign policy, our justice system, the aforementioned ‘political correctness’, and in a number of bureaucratic areas. Still, we are the greatest nation on earth, and our freedom, liberty, and value systems are generally in healthy cerebral hemispheres.

‘What is he talking about?’ you ask.

I’m talking about just one episode in this blog, but it ties in to so many others. This blog’s episode deals with the decision to make public a $50,000,000+/- report about post-2001 ‘Enhanced Interrogation Techniques’ of radical Islamic terrorists. $50,000,000+/-? Our tax-payer money! Really, for a report that staggers me in its ‘abstract pedantry’, in its obscene clarity of purpose, its partisan anger, and its ridiculous conclusions.

In 2001, terrorists stole jet passenger planes, destroyed towers of commerce, government buildings, and, more devastatingly, took the lives of some three thousand American citizens – ripping to shreds the fabric of many families and friends. It was the most singular tragedy our homeland has known since our great Civil War…no, I’m not forgetting the ‘sneak attack’ of Pearl Harbor on Oahu on December 7, 1941 and the other high casualty counts of the wars we fought. This terrorist attack of September, 2001 brought a new kind of reality to our rational minds. It brought the terrible realization that our United States is vulnerable and has enemies like we have never known. Those who were there in 2001 know of what I write. Perhaps those who died that awful day in our history would have preferred some ‘water-boarding’, some ‘sleep deprivation’, some ‘loud and constant noise’, some ‘ice baths’, instead of jumping to their deaths out of high ‘Trade Center’ buildings or being blown to bits or burned beyond recognition. Perhaps, if given the terrible choice, their wives, husbands, children, and parents would have chosen such tactics over the death of their loved ones.

Just two questions! Number one: Do you dearly love your children? Number two: If a captured terrorist knew of an operation where your children were about to be blown up or their heads severed, and we could obtain information from that terrorist which would prevent that event, would you not go to any lengths to save your children? If your answer could possibly be ‘No’, do not breathe in my air space for you are odious and the worst kind of human being. Yes, a hundred times ‘yes’, life has sanctity for me.

In September, 2001, the US was in a panic. Our president at the time, government agencies responsible for our safety and security, all were desperately trying to make our country as failsafe as possible, devising plans and procedures to protect us. It was a terrible tragedy of the worst possible kind we needed to face. We were to be fighting a new kind of war, not a war with our enemies in uniform and certain expectations of behavior. Adjustments needed to be made. We were to be testing our values regarding human lives and the very core of our existence. So, the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) devised policy for dealing with captured terrorists, euphemistically referred to as the ‘Enhanced Interrogation Technique’ policy. These plans were shared with the government people who served on an important select committee and to all the government people we elected to serve in protecting our nation. From all I’ve heard, read, and seen, those plans were acknowledged and approved, tacitly or otherwise.

Those ‘Enhanced Interrogation Technique’ plans have kept our nation safe for the years since that awful day in September, 2011… With our borders as porous as they seem to be and the lack of a comprehensive immigration policy, some of us might consider this a minor miracle.

Fast-forwarding to now, a senior member of a select committee, a senior member who was not on that above referenced select committee, has released a $50,000,000+/- report that maligns the CIA and the ‘Enhanced Interrogation Technique’ policy approved many years ago. The Madame Chairperson, her committee, and staff worked on this approximately 50,000-page report for several years and have now uniformly decided that the ‘Enhanced Interrogation Technique’ policies devised after that surreal day in 2001 were devoid of our American values, our commitments to the constitution, and in fact damaged our country throughout the world. The chairperson and her committee would have us believe ‘Enhanced Interrogation Technique’ procedures (water-boarding, sleep deprivation, loud music or noise, et al) did nothing to help us in our fight against terrorism… Well, sure, bad information was always a possibility, but the good information far outweighed the bad. After all, ‘measuring sticks’ were surely used to check information gained through interrogation.

May I cut to the proverbial chase?

It has been proven that the CIA did indeed get information from captured terrorists that helped save thousands of life. In fact, one such interrogation would ultimately lead to the death of Osama Bin Laden…something not mentioned in the victory lap of our current president. No one from the CIA was interviewed by the ‘select committee’ and it appears that committee acted on their own as judge and jury to reach their conclusions…like a case where the prosecution is the only side to be heard – forget the defense side!

For me, this ridiculous partisan report is purely political ‘pay-back’ for the Senate side of Congress and a political party who hated our last president. That same political party is now losing their control in congress, and this Senate Committee’s ‘AIT’ report is now to give a great propaganda victory to the people of the countries that hate us and want us dead. To speak abstractly of values when American heads are being cut off and thousands of people are being killed is absurd and ludicrous. Great legacy, this costly and ‘national soul-searching report’ that takes us closer to the edge of political insanity and less safety for our country.

Here is what I feel and think, we, the majority of our beautiful country, still have our values. Nothing has changed…except the way we find and kill those radical terrorists who will not hesitate for a moment in killing us. Fighting people with an ideology that says ‘our way or the highway of death’ is relatively new for our country. When one considers that our nation pays out some fifty billion dollars ($50,000,000,000) in foreign aid, I’m thinking there is something wrong with our ‘moral equivalency’ issues. AND, just one added nugget of truth, some in the United Nations wants people prosecuted for our ‘EIT’ policies… Don’t we pay most of the ‘freight’ in the United Nations? Can we perhaps tell those who are railing at us to ‘go to hell’? Can we perhaps just ‘close the doors’?

Putting it as simply as I know how, an NBC anchorman asked of his CIA guest, paraphrasing: ‘If one of your children were exposed to this kind of torture, would you not want it stopped?’ Instead of considering an answer to that stupid question, how about this one: “If you could obtain information by water-boarding a terrorist that would stop the killing of your son and daughter or maybe countless American lives, would you use this ‘Enhanced Interrogation’ procedure?” Of course, we would save our sons, daughters, and countless lives…unless, of course, I’ve got values all mixed up with the dictates of some immoral ‘Satan Kill Society’. We are dealing with people with an ideology that borders on idiocy – ‘If you don’t practice my religion, you’re dead! When I die a new life starts for me! When I die, there are virgins waiting for me! It’s my way or the ‘beheading highway’.

There are times when I have ‘Rip Van Winkle’ thoughts… What country am I living in? What happened while I slept?

Do I rant and rave because there is little else I can do? Can the liberal and progressive minds stretch so much further than I could allow mine to stretch? Is it folly for there to be so much anger and hatred in our world? Is my conservatism so old and worn-out? Could I be so wrong about all of this? If I am, guess maybe my ticket is ready to be stamped and the ‘Soylent Corporation’ can have me for the nutritional plankton my body might hold…

Billy Ray Chitwood – December 15, 2015

If some of you would want more of my ‘rant and rave’, I’ve got just the book for you. It is my one government/political offering, Joe Public’s Political Perspective. It’s a reasonable short read…for good reasons. I’m no political analyst, pundit, or strategist, just, well, Joe Public spouting off about what he senses is going on in his country. Some of you might cater to the views within the book. Others will not. That’s okay – everybody has to be somewhere!



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