Interview With Christoph Fischer

)Interview With Author Christoph Fischer



Welcome to my ‘Seat of Honor’, Christoph. Though we’ve never met, I feel as if we’ve been friends for many years. 

Your writing has reached so many of us, and, with your generous support of other authors and your active role with #ASMSG (‘Authors Social Media Support Group’), many of us know of your active and hectic life… I shall let that, your life, be my starting point:

Q – You were born in Germany near the Austrian border, a Sudeten-German, if I remember correctly. Will you sketch for us your youth and your path to writing? 

A – My father was a Sudeten-German, correct. My youth was spent in Bavaria, being bored and reading plenty. I wanted more excitement than I had. I went on to become a librarian but didn’t have ambitions to write until much later in life. Working as flight attendant on long haul flights gave me a lot of time and I started writing then, more as an experiment.

Q – My ancestral history began in a hamlet in Buckinghamshire, north of London, and I’ve only visited once – quite an experience, from both an emotional and historic perspective. Care to tell us how you like living in West Wales and how you’ve come to be there?

A – Coming from a rural background in Bavaria, middle age has brought me back to that way of life, I guess. My partner is from South Wales and the choice for the exact location was influenced by the vicinity to his ailing parents.
I love living here, the people and the landscape are amazing and I have become part of the community at lightning speed thanks to the warm nature of the Welsh people.

Q – I’m delighted to have read some of your books – The Gamblers – Ludwika: A Polish Woman’s Struggle to Survive in Nazi Germany – The Luck of the Weisensteiners.  Is there a special place where you do your writing? A best atmosphere for your writing?

A I like to be secluded in the office, quiet and out of the way, preferably during the early morning hours. If inspiration is missing, a walk with my dogs does wonders. However, once I’m in the middle of writing a new story, I could work almost anywhere, then I have total tunnel vision.

Q – In Ludwika and Weissensteiners there is a certain poignancy, both heart-warming and heart-breaking, somehow personal in your rendering. Is that something on which you can comment?

A – Thank you. While researching both books I was fascinated by the effect that the larger picture had on the individual. I wanted to show how far reaching those political events were in the lives of the ‘little people’.

 Q – A ‘must ask’ question: are there authors you feel influence your writing?

A – Lionel Shriver’s sharp wit and surgical dissection of difficult topics has inspired me, as much as Patrick Gale led the way of including gay characters casually rather than as main topic in his books. 

Q – What is your favorite music and song?

A – Cheesy European Pop; Abba and the likes. “Xanadu” is one of my favourite songs, if not the…

Q – Your favorite author and book?

A – “Shantaram” by Gregory David Roberts

Q – Okay, the really dumb questions: what is your favorite color?

A – Red

Q – And, while I’m at it, your favorite meal and junk food?

A – Vegan Goulash

Q – Aw, well, might as well, your favorite movie?

A – Casino Royale (Woody Allen)

Q – Okay, just one more for us who need to know, your favorite actor/actress?

A – Laura Linney and Ewan McGregor

Q – You are so busy with your writing, your support of other writers, so, of what are the leisure moments made?

A – Cycling, playing football, watching Comedy TV, socialising with friends, dog walking

Q – I’m soon to read your most recent book, 

The Body In The Snow: A Bebe Bollinger Murder Mystery (Bebe Bollinger Murder Mysteries Book 1). Tell us a bit about the book and the series.

 A – “The Body In The Snow (A Bebe Bollinger Murder Mystery)” is a cozy murder mystery set in rural Wales during a snow storm. A reluctant fading singer, desperate for a comeback, gets involved in a murder investigation in her village. This all happens during the snowstorm of a century, which traps her with odd and quirky neighbours, a murdered body and a desperate detective

Q – Working on a new writing project? Tell us about it.

A – I’m currently working on the sequel to “The Healer”, my psychological thriller about a cancer patient and a faith healer. I can’t tell you too much about it without spoiling it. It is another thriller, this time set in the Caribbean and is all about trust, truth and settling scores. Characters from “The Gamblers” will also feature in it.

Q – So many writers can’t sleep. They get out of bed and write. Are you one of these insomniacs?

A – Yes

Q – Will you describe what you consider a great day?

A – A glorious morning walk with my dogs, a productive writing session, lunch with friends, a bit of gardening and playing football in the evening.

Q – Last question. I think I might know, but what is your favorite of the books you’ve written?

A – THE HEALER probably. It was my first thriller and I will always have a soft spot for it.

 Thank you, Christoph, for spending time with me today. Your wide array of books offer us Yankees and other nationalities more views of the world as seen from your perspective. While entertaining, your books give readers glimpses past and present of a world not so uncommon but sharing a unity of beliefs and cultures.

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The Interview (Flash Fiction by Billy Ray Chitwood)


The Interview

(Flash Fiction)

The interviewer is Simon Macready of the Arizona Republic morning newspaper.

The serial killer is Michael Rooney from Flagstaff, Arizona, convicted and sentenced to death by lethal injection for the brutal rape and murder of teenager Patricia Watts whose body was found wedged between two large boulders near the Red Rock area of Sedona, AZ.

Michael Rooney has confessed to at least twelve more homicides involving young girls in Arizona and other states, some of whom have been missing for many years. Authorities are convinced that Michael Rooney could be responsible for many more unsolved crimes that were similar in their execution.

Rooney has agreed to the interview as he claims a religious awakening on death row compels him to share the history of his life, in the hopes the sharing might aid social scientists and society to better detect the signs that lead to such evil.

The two men sit in a drab, depressing institutional room just off the death row area. The odor in the room is near stifling and suffocative. Perhaps, Macready thinks, it is the mind stirring up all the elements that have brought him to this place. Rooney is manacled securely to the small gray table. A sullen guard stands in the corner near the door.

(Macready): ”For the record, you are Michael Rooney, age fifty-one, incarcerated and on death row here at the Arizona State Prison in Florence, Arizona?”

(Rooney): “Yeah, that’s right.”

(M):  “Tell me about your childhood…there seems to be a commonality for most serial killers when they talk about their youth.”

(R): “Well, I don’t know anything about the commonality stuff, but my childhood was like being in the oven of hell, just slowly being baked in fear and desperation. Guess you could say my mom tried but she was always getting beat up by the men in her life…and me, I got those beatings, too! I remember being scared by the sex sounds coming through the walls where I slept. I’d cover my ears with my hands but I couldn’t stop the sounds. The funny thing, as I got older, I would masturbate during those sounds. They scared me but they also aroused me. Anyway, we were never in one place very long, dodging creditors and the filthy men in mom’s life.”

(M): “Where was your father all this time?”

(R): “He only came around to grab what little money we had and to beat up on my mom and me…”

(M): “Did you love your dad?”

(R): “Love him? I hated the low-life…I wanted to be big enough to kill him. Hey, I was on the ‘beat up’ list.”

(M): “How did you live? What did your mom do for money, for food, for clothing?”

(R): “She cleaned other people’s houses, and we lived near railroads and industrial businesses…and, she stole things, took money from the places she cleaned. When the heat got too bad, we were off and running to some other nothing town.”

(M): “How did you travel? Did your mom have a car?

(R): “We hitched rides, and, on good occasions, rode the bus…we only had ragged grips to carry our meager belongings.”

(M): “Did you love your mom?”

(R): “You know, my mind was confused and crowded with the fear and frustration that made up much of our lives…but, I believe I did. There were a few special times when we did fun things, and I remember feeling close to her. It never lasted long because the men would show up for their ugly business.”

(M): “Where is your mom today?”

(R): “Couldn’t tell you… I finally ran away and became a kid of the streets – I believe that’s what you people call them, street kids. I started smoking grass and sniffing coke when I could steal it or somebody offered it.”

(M): “When did you start killing teenage girls?”

(R): “I was seventeen when I killed the first one.”

(M): “My God! You’re fifty-one now. How many have you killed? You claim twelve.”

(R): “Look, my memory’s not so good, but there are likely many more.”!!

(M): “Do you think the drugs you were using had any causal effect on your killing of these young girls?”

(R): “Who knows? I’m thinking maybe they did. Drugs, grass and powder, heightened my moods, gave me a feeling of invincibility. So, yeah, I guess they did add coal to the fire.”

(M): “Can you describe your feelings before committing these crimes?”

(R): “It’s something that’s hard to describe…I remember thinking about why I was doing what I was doing. I’d see a pretty girl walking down the street and I’d get aroused sexually. The arousal became a consuming thing inside me as I thought about the acts I would perform on the girl I was watching. Finally, the arousal would bring me to the obsessive point… I would follow her, and when the right spot came up I’d grab her and take her to an isolated spot…and, then, the mind just sort of went numb, like I was just an animal taking what was mine… After the craving was satisfied, my mind would reawake, so to speak, and I would clean up my mess…”

(M): “Was there ever any remorse after you cleaned up your ‘messes’?”

(R): “Look, I want this to be an honest interview, and, to be truthful, there might have been some remorse after the first and second, but from then on it was simply an itch that had to be scratched, an urge that needed satisfaction…and, I know that makes me an animal, a beast, a piece of filth unworthy of any salvation.”

(M): “You mention ‘salvation’. I’m told that you’ve had a religious conversion. Is that true?”

(R): “I’ve accepted Jesus as my personal savior, and I’ve prayed for salvation. I will continue to pray and hope my prayers are answered. I’ve taken many young lives and caused much grief for families…many may even forgive me, but I cannot forgive myself. I do know that, until that lethal injection, I will talk and walk with Jesus. His judgement is all that now matters for me.”

(M): “Is that not a convenient out for you, Rooney, after the hideous butchering of your young victims? Is this not simply words of a sociopath and/or a psychopath?”

(R): “Yes, I can see that being the thinking of all the people who know of my crimes. Yet, I face death for the lives I have taken, and the ‘words’ you hear from me are all I have to give… I do want people to know that my childhood, its environment, and its claim on my early life are no excuses for my deeds. Other people have had disadvantaged lives more severe than my own and didn’t resort to killing… In fact, I long for death as it longs for me. Perhaps, in another life I can make compensation for the ills of this life.”

A bell went off nearby, and the guard in the corner came and took Michael Rooney back to his death row cell.

As Simon Macready drove away from the Arizona State Prison he breathed deeply of the clean September air and thought about the interview. There was perhaps not so much new in the interview that would give clues to society and preclude other such tragedies. For Macready, the mind and its wiring held many secrets, many of which our greatest minds might never discern. He thought of his own teenage daughters, knew that parental governance was of the utmost importance in raising them – discipline, diligence, faith, and a lot of love… He wished there was a magic knob he could turn to make the world a safer place.

He turned his car radio to a classical music station…he had his notes and he had to get away from the interview for a while. He wanted to get home to his wife and children.

[NOTE: the names used in this ‘flash fiction’ are fictitious and not to be associated with anyone having the same names.]

©Billy Ray Chitwood – August 7, 2015

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An Interview With John Dolan – Author of “Everyone Burns” – AN UPDATE


John Dolan

This is a ‘Don’t Miss’ combo for you: an interview with a quality author and a partial review of his 5-Star book, “Everyone

Burns.” If you have not had the pleasure of reading John Dolan you’ve missed a great experience from a writer

extraordinaire. JD is truly a wordsmith for his times. He is also the man who introduced me and countless others to the

word, ‘Galericulate’ — that’s the name of his website/blog. (See end of interview/review.) He’s the man hidden under the

hat and he’s roaming around some continent or another. At last report, he was in Amsterdam… OOPS – UPDATE: that was

2012…he was just recently released from Foxes aHounds Tranquility Center!  He’s much better now, I’m told! I do

so hope my information is accurate… But, be gone, my foolishness! Here’s a re-blog of my 2012 interview with this

important literary figure and an update on his writing…

.everyone burns

 Amazon US
Amazon UK:
 ‘Burning’ John Dolan, Writer Extraordinaire – An Interview (Sort of!)’
(Billy Ray Chitwood=BR) (John Dolan= JD)
BR: Okay, Filbert, take off the blindfold!
JD: Hey, not so rough! You just don’t take ‘no’ for an answer, do you?
BR: Why should I? You can leave us now, Filbert, and take Salome with you.
JD: You kidding me? ‘Salome!’ ‘Filbert!’ They’re ‘junkies…’
BR: Had no money…they grabbed you for the ‘grass.’
JD: Are you mocking me? Are you stealing my interview ideas?
BR: Show me a legal document!
JD: At least my chair is comfortable, and my straps are pure leather, not this cord crap!
BR: You left me no choice, JD, you broke your promise to take my books viral and…
JD: Correction! I said your books were vile and pretentious…
BR: Okay, okay, I understand you’re a bit angry…just some tit for tat, that’s all. I really like
your book, “Everyone Burns,” and I’m thinking ‘movie,’ ‘TV series,’ something really big.
Can we just relax and talk about the book?
JD: Can you at least put a cushion on this orange crate? You’re not helping my hemmies.
BR: How’s that? Better? Good…Now tell me about “Everyone Burns” and how you came
to write it.
JD: Guess I got no choice, but you gotta promise me you’re not going to make a habit of
this kind of interview. This is my idea, not yours. Do we have a deal?
BR: Yes, we have a deal…Hell, I thought you would be pleased!
JD: Well, I am, sort of, but this is intellectual property, not something you mess with, BR.
Plus I only get one original idea per decade.
BR: Okay, no more kidnaps for interviews! Got it! Can we proceed?
JD: The events in “Everyone Burns” take place over seventeen days while Thailand is still
numb from the giant tsunami of December, 2004. Like everyone of sane mind this great
catastrophe made my emotions run wild, made me think of life like I had never really
thought about it. “Everyone Burns” gave me some escape from the reality all around me.
BR: Really?
JD: No, not really. I wrote it for the money and the groupies.
BR: And how’s that working out?
JD: Probably about as well as it’s working out for you, I’d guess. Well … looking at you,
probably slightly better with the groupies.
BR: Here’s a quote from ‘Everyone Burns, just after a bar fracas:
To summarise, my life is one of split personality. I am in two minds about it myself.
 Nevertheless, down these narrow streets a man must walk, even if it is in flip-flops.
But I am no Philip Marlowe, and Koh Samui is not film-noir USA. There is nothing
of Hollywood’s black and white morality on this most colourful of Thailand’s
 Islands. And long overcoats just make you sweat in the sun. Here The Postman
Never Rings Twice, simply because he never rings at all. He has better things to
do. Lamai’s and Chaweng’s adventurers generally pack a condom, not a gun.”
You open the book with a broken cue stick inflicting injury to your protagonist and it’s like
the excitement and action just never stops after that. I picked this quote because it’s one
of my favorites but also because it gives the reader a sample of your splendid writing…
Do you have any disagreement with my assessment here, JD?
JD: Take these cords off and I’ll kiss you. The passage is also a favorite of mine. Aside
from the style thing in my writing, it is just basically who I am. But I’m NOT David
Braddock, by the way. I want to make that clear in case my wife Fiona is reading this! A
book of this genre for me has to move at a rapid pace, the action mostly non-stop. A lot of
what I write about in “Everyone Burns” has some factual similarities, the people, the
places, the time certainly. And, of course, you know my English is rather precise, proper,
as it was intended to be! WHY are you smiling and shaking your head?
BR: Never mind, just me being me! It’s a great book, JD. Wish we had more time
because I’d like to mention “People With Real Lives Don’t Need Landscapes,” a book of
poetry you wrote in 2003. You certainly have a way with words, JD, and I happen to love
poetry. As Amazon puts it, “This big bouncy collection of contemporary poetry draws on
both popular and high culture. The poems have energy, imagination, humor, and lively
speech rhythms. They are light, weighty, topical, intellectual, gory, sad, wild, and tenderall at once.”
JD: I didn’t write that.
BR: What?
JD: I didn’t write that collection of poetry. That was a different John Dolan.
BR: Are you sure?
JD: What do you mean, “Am I sure”? I’m not likely to forget a thing like that, am I?
Sheesh! It’s scary how your brain can live in such a small space.
BR: That hurts, JD. Well,regardless, I loved your book “Everyone Burns” and can’t wait
for the sequel. People should really take a long look at you, my friend…
JD: ‘My friend!’ My butt is sore here, BR!
BR: Filbert and Salome are napping right now. I’ll untie you, but, please, no fracas here.
Tit for tat, remember? Be gentle.
End of Interview…
51fQQvQVwNL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_ 140502 3D-Book51aiSFjGA-L._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_
Amazon US                     Amazon US               Amazon US
Amazon UK                     Amazon UK               Amazon UK
You want good reading? Check out the books above…you will not be disappointed. John Dolan is destined for literary
greatness! YOU HEARD IT HERE!
Visit his website/blog (‘Galericulate’):  (You do not want to miss his posts!)
Also visit JD’s amazon site:
(Really, follow on him and read him. He’s ugly mean: it took two junkies and me to get him here for this ‘Orange Crate’ interview!)