Howling at the Moon


Howling at the Moon

My howl grows weaker as the Summers come and go,

And the Winter’s bitter gales bring harsh realities to my world.

My aging body grows weary in its long seasonal quest to know,

To find in my meandering search the truth unfurled.


Yet, some abiding glimmer of Faith bids me journey on

As I see the eager and young give rise to the next tomorrow,

To kindle old desires, awaken my mind to a new kinder dawn,

Tease me with truths-bearing wisdom I might better know.


Then, as years speed by steadily, and my steps limp along,

The world seems more precariously out of its orbital sync

As though some treacherous fate on wicked winds so strong

Comes to claim its ownership of an orb no longer able to think.

Poem by Billy Ray Chitwood – June 12, 2017

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I was taken from disturbed darkness

 Out into the frantic light of life,

Taken from the safety of the womb

 And an often dark and jarring strife.


The humble journey I began came

with incipient turmoil and doubt,   

subtle remorse and terrible guilt

That, with me, I carried about.


With youth behind I wore my badges

Of courage, deceit, and self-doubt.

Tasting the beguiling fruits of Eden

And sipping from the Bacchus spout.


My Odyssey was not without the

Pain of guilt and sincere remorse.

Oh, no! My mind’s black closet

Choked and stifled me in due course.


Then came a forgotten Deity Who

Brought me to my misguided sense,

Gave me another chance at Faith,

And bade new Love to commence.


So, here, in the quietness of this

Meadow green, I vow to schemes

Of Worship those worthy paeans

Of Soul on these acres of dreams.


©Billy Ray Chitwood – April 18, 2017


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So, Tis An Author You Wish To Be

So, Tis An Author You Wish To Be


So, Tis An Author You Wish To Be!

So, tis an author

You wish to be!

And, why, I ask,

Do you come to me?

Because, I write so

Much, you say,

So many pretty lines

Throughout the day.

True, it is my passion;

It must be so for you.

                         Yet, with fervent zeal,                        

Words at times flow few,

Bringing fitful malaise,

Wasteful lingering doubt,

 A brain inactive and dull,

And depressing flameout.

I mean not to dampen

Your dream of writing

But there are few who

Will find it requiting.

Then, if you are like me

And write for the soul,

No matter the repulsive foe,

You have ultimate control.

©Billy Ray Chitwood – March 24, 2017

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Sleeping with Dragons


Sleeping with Dragons

No forked tongue,

Only the truth.

I slept with dragons

In my youth.


Lust and Ladies,

Along with booze,

Their fiery breaths

Bade me to choose.


Now, the end is near,

And I seek redemption.

Hot dragons whisper

Harshly, ‘No exemption’.


Flashing before me in

Giant reptilian themes,

I toss on a rumpled bed

Of ignominious dreams.


So, brothers of the bond,

Hearken to my broken life.

Seek love and nobility

In the arms of your wife.


Avoid the paths before you

That lead to Dragon caves

And sleep not with them

To reach dishonored graves.


Billy Ray Chitwood – February 17, 2017


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Dedicated to Caleb Pirtle lll



The supreme commander of life

Defying all who would alter its

Steady ticking seconds

Of existence

Oh, would it but pause to

Deny a sinister plot

Deny the wrinkles

And sagging skin

Oh, would it but pause to

Stop the reasons

For wars and

Weeping children

Oh, would it but pause to

Give me one more

Chance at becoming

More than what I am

But, no, the ceaseless and

Metronomic madness wears

Its power proudly and

Without a wisp of

Sorrow for the

Dying gasps of

Fools and lovers.

Time is now my silent place

Of memories.

 (A poem by: Billy Ray Chitwood – September, 2016) 


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About My Dedication

My dedication of this poem to Caleb Pirtle lll has sound reasoning. Caleb, with over sixty penned books in his career, just released his latest masterpiece. It just might be the best I’ve read this year. Friday Nights Don’t Last Forever is a novel that really brings to life the phenomenon that is Friday night high school football, its dominant appeal to the masses, and the behind the scenes college recruiters who offer the moon to the gridiron gladiators who become heroes to their hometown and state’s loyal followers. This thriller is about quarterback Casey Clinton and his Alabama high school  making it to the state finals. Casey has reputedly the best passing arm in the nation, and all the main stream universities want him – at whatever the cost.

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Anyhow,  I’m thinking this writing machine Pirtle knows a bit about Time…

Here’s to you, Caleb! 



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Where The Dreams Are



Where The Dreams Are

There on the horizon
Where the clouds
Where the Sun
Where the mountains
Bring shimmering shadows
On the placid surface
Of the deep blue sea –
Dreams live in all
These converging elements
From the melodious music
Of hungry souls,
Those who somehow
Know that the thief of night
Cannot for long defy the
Precious treasures that
Await us in that dazzling
Merger of colors out there
On the horizon

Where the dreams are.

Billy Ray Chitwood – July 2, 2016

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Where Did All The Flowers Go?


Where Did All The Flowers Go?

Where did all the flowers go, Daddy?

They’re looking for sunlight, sweetheart.

Where did the sunlight go, Mommy?

It’s looking for a reason to shine, Darling.

Why does the sun need a reason to shine?

Because people have forgotten how to love.

Why have people forgotten how to love?

Because their lives are not their own.

Why are their lives not their own?

Because the Power Elite map their living.

Who are the Power Elite, Daddy?

Those who have chased the sun away.

Did they chase the flowers away, too?

They brought poison to the air we breathe.

Does the poison not harm us, Daddy?

Yes, we are slowly dying, sweetheart.

What will happen to our world?

In time, it will all start over again.

Again, Daddy? Has it happened before?

Yes, it has happened before, Sweetheart.

How does the world start over?

When the poison leaves the air, new people will come.


The new Civilization will have its chance to get it right.

How will they get it right?

They might not get it right, sweetheart.

Then, what happens?

What is happening now will happen again.

Is that the way of life?

Unless a new Civilization can get it right.

You mean, Love without poison in the air?


Flash Fiction – An attempt at Allegory: by Billy Ray Chitwood

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I’m Alone


I’m Alone

With only my memories –

I sit alone on the hill and watch the sunset…

Faces float by in surreal silence


In words only I can hear,

each tells a story of

My life, unadorned with gratuitous

Words of praise and solicitude…

With each face,

    With each story,

I know where I have failed and

Corrupted my own existence.

Where ‘could have been’ echoes

Through the lonely caverns

Of my soul.

I sit alone as the Sun hastens

The night and the demons

Of regret and remorse.

A Life so frivolously wasted

On Wanderlust and Longing.

So it must be that a life be lived

In such disarray no matter

The Cause…

For it is fodder for the

Fools to come.

Billy Ray Chitwood – April 29, 2016



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Magical Day in February

KY house

Magical Day in February


Fluffy whites play in the sky

Of powder blue,

Defying the gray of winter

With its pleasant hue.

Surely an ugly mood can

Change to Hope,

Dispel for hours the woes

With which we cope.

Can such a Day void the

Voices of Doom?

Shatter dark oppressive shadows

Of gloom?

Allow miracles to alter the

Ways of Man?

Is it folly to think that such

Days fit a plan?

Of course, if bleak with snow

Where you live,

You may find my jaunty lines

Hard to forgive.

But I joyfully leave you with

These trite words

To walk the sunshine paths and

Feed the birds


(Billy Ray Chitwood – February 6, 2016) 

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What Madness is This?


What Madness is This?

What Madness is this?

This concoction of the mind

That delivers death and destruction?

This barbaric substance most evil –

Borne on the winds of perceived injustice?

Martyrs of vengeance promised paradise and virgins

For their rampant slaughter of wary innocents –

Cherished lives cut short, deprived their destinies?

Cannot these unfeeling devils of death know

That their quest for world dominance can never be?

There is too much nobility and wisdom among the

People of our world to surrender to such atrocities.

Each of us has lost something valuable in our lives –

No one lives without pain and suffering…

Cannot these vicious dogs of carnage and rage know

That GOOD will never be conquered by EVIL?

(BY: Billy Ray Chitwood – November, 2015­)


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