Grains of Time


Grains of Time

As young Undaunted men

Courting the Pretty Girls,

Filling frivolous moments

In search of some vague

And haunting Realities,

Time was not a relative thing.


We Lotus Eaters thought

Little about life’s Timeline.

For we were going to live

Forever in that misty amber

World of Mahogany Bars

And Tinkling highball glasses.


We made love to lovely women,

Came close at times to a

Modicum of Maturity, only to be

Dashed by other pretty faces

In the crowd and those alluring,

Tinkling, highball glasses.


We wrote our insipid poetry on

Bar napkins and business cards,

Those droll lines that joined us

In our painful Morning hangovers

Along with black coffee and the

All day ingestion of breath mints.


At our ‘Reunion’ last year, all of us

Now happily settled down with

Wives, grown children, grandkids,

And ‘Arthur’, we tipped Highball

Glasses once again and agreed:

‘Our Way was the Only Way!’


Billy Ray Chitwood – February 5, 2017

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From Italy With Love


From Italy With Love

I thought it was all over!

There were two problems. My single engine plane coughed, sputtered, and acted like it was out of gas – but the tank was filled just twenty minutes before at the air park in Genoa. The other problem was lack of control – without success, I tried to control the Aileron, that hinged surface in the trailing edge of an airplane wing which is used to control lateral balance…think of a seesaw, keeping it horizontally straight without either end dipping down.

Bottom line: big problem with the plane’s engine out and my inability to glide the plane accurately to a spot for landing.

I got lucky!

See the trees at the bottom of the picture above? Somehow, I managed to land the plane some ten feet to the right of those trees, with the right wing an inch or two from the sand and the nose about to plow into the ground. An abrupt action with the right wing somehow caused the plane to straighten its line and touched down roughly but then slowly moved to a stop with the friction of the sand.

No bruises, no cuts, no radio transmission, and no real damage…just some rattled nerves.

Actually, I sat there behind the stick for some seconds and felt pretty good – hey, I had a story to tell my film buddies back in Santa Monica. We were still young, chasing the ladies, and telling each other our tall stories. Because I looked a bit like Steve McQueen, my buddies gave me the nickname, ‘Cool Mac 2’.

I pulled the leather flight jacket from my near 200 pound, 6 foot frame, flung it over my right shoulder, grabbed my clothes bag from the cockpit, and started walking toward the buildings in the picture’s foreground. Only a few feet into my walk I saw an old jalopy heading toward me. My walk only lasted some three hundred yards before the jalopy stopped and a man and woman threw some Italian at me. Some I understood but the gist I did not.

The woman was beautiful, and the guy, well, he was handsome enough, I guess, but he was much older than the lady…for some obscure reason, I was wishing the duo was daughter and father.

Sorry, I speak very little Italian. Do you speak Enlish?”

Jes, we speak some Engleesh, but you just crash yur plane! Are you hokay?” Such a lovely voice to go with the face and body.

Yes, I’m fine. I got lucky. But I could use a phone and some assistance in reaching people who can help me. Would you…”

The older man stopped me in mid-sentence, “Get in the car. We will take you you to our home where there is phone and food.” His white whiskered face showed kindness and blended in with his white wavy hair. He instantly reminded me of Maurice Chevalier…you know, the French actor who sang ‘Thank Heaven for Leetle Gurls, for leetle gurls get bigger every day’.

Rosina was the lady’s name, and Pauli was the gentleman’s name. I immediately liked them and found them most cordial and friendly. It was particularly tough for me me to avoid glancing at Rosina. Her long dark hair went to the middle of her back, framed a beautifully tanned exotic face, and her bluish green eyes sparkled with flirty coyness. She was wearing a slightly loose tan dress, but, had it been tightly fitting, my heart might have leaped through my shirt. I had worked with some lovely ladies in films, and this Rosina beauty did not take a backseat to any of them.

Pauli asked me what I was doing flying a plane in Italy.

Well, Pauli, my girlfriend and I broke things off, and I was between jobs, never been to Italy and have always wanted to come and see it in person. I’ve been in love with your country ever since Clint Eastwood made those ‘Spaghetti Westerns’, well, actually, all my life. This was a good time for me to come… Oh, my name is Faron Brady. Flying is a hobby, and I just thought I would see some of your beautiful country…didn’t get much accomplished, I’m afraid.”

We talked, got well acquainted, and I felt we established a great bond. Pauli knew who to call to handle the plane and the rental company in Cortona.

When Pauli and Rosina found out I had no lodging in Cortona for the night, they insisted I be their guest, spend a few days, and tell them all about America. I had an idea Pauli was perhaps playing matchmaker for Rosina – without her necessarily knowing it.

After Rosina left the conversation to refresh herself before dinner, Pauli showed me to my bedroom. He announced wine and hors d’oeuvres would be served before dinner and that Madame Rosaria would be preparing dinner for serving at 7:00 PM… Madame Rosaria had been Pauli’s mistress and house manager since his wife died ten years prior. Out shopping, I would meet her later.

Suddenly, I was very tired. I took off my shoes and fell across the bed.

The nap came quickly, and I don’t know how long I slept. When I awoke, Rosina was standing in the doorway with the most seductive smile ever put on me. I raised to an elbow.

Is it near 5:00 PM?” I asked, trying very hard to return the seduction.

Jes, you must freshen up and have some wine, the best Italian cheese, and hors d’oeuvres. We await you, Signore Faron.” She turned and left the doorway ‘in a most delightful way’.

Freshened, I joined my hosts in the living room. Madame Rosaria was a lovely lady as well and not a lot older than Rosina. It was a little scary! Both seemed to be putting the moves on me. Now, of course, this was likely an Italian ‘thing’ and not meant to be interpreted in a romantic fashion. Certainly, Pauli was not at all concerned by the actions of the ladies.

We drank, we ate, we laughed, we traded cultural distinctions and idiosyncrasies. It was one of the best evenings I could remember ever having.

In the end, Pauli and Rosaria went to bed, leaving Rosina and me alone in the living room, slightly tipsy and now fully engaged in our sensual maneuvers.

Believe it or not, I don’t remember how I ended up in bed alone. I could remember being sure earlier that being in bed together was a foregone conclusion. A lesson was learned: our cultural distinctions were definitely there and frustrating as hell.

Three days later, Rosina and I decided to be married in Cortona, honeymoon on the Amalfi Coast, then return to California.

Hey, I’m still stunned by the turn of events, BUT I must add, I am one happy ‘Cool Mac 2’… Steve McQueen, we miss you, buddy!

I cannot imagine anything in my life from this point on topping my Italian visit… I do indeed love that country – and, Rosina.

Billy Ray Chitwood – December, 2016

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Love’s Reunion

hotel-ziyaLove’s Reunion

A stranger in this Balkan city of Podgorica I felt the cool but comfortable night breeze on my body. My leather jacket and heavy trousers sheltered me nicely in my walk to the Pod Volat Restaurant. Wisps of my thirty-five year old ebony hair gently waved to the people passing. A quite lovely lady with long dark flowing tresses looked me over carefully as she passed, raised her eyebrows and gave me a flirtatious smile. I smiled back not so flirtatiously but quickly diverted my blue eyes, remembering my own blonde beauty awaiting me at the restaurant.

I could see the restaurant in the distance and picked up my gait. I was anxious to see Erica and determine if the passion flame of three years past still held its magical heat. Our romantic encounter in New York had run for six months before her Montenegro family members played on her sympathies to come home. And, home she went, leaving me with an engagement ring in my suit coat pocket that she never got to see. The fact of her leaving did not break my heart but it hurt and gave me some serious tremors. She did not want to leave New York but her family’s arguments were too compelling – mother ill, father and siblings unable to cope, too much for her heart to bear. Our last night together was tearful but filled with incredible love-making. She even told me she loved me, and, yeah, I told her the same.

So, as luck would have it, my attorney work brought me to within visiting limit in Kosovo. We had stayed in touch, so our reunion was planned. Because of my arrival time, it was her idea to meet at the Pod Volat Restaurant, popular for both tourists and locals. With flight uncertainties and because I wanted our reunion to be in a much more romantic setting than an airport terminal I turned down her offer to be picked up at the airport.

My heart picked up its tempo with the Pod Volat looming bigger in the foreground. My ground steps kept pace with the heart tempo as I reached a darkened alleyway.

Movement reached my ears simultaneous to seeing two bulky men figures grab and pull me into the alley. Some light came from the neon lights some distance away but it was difficult to make out my assailants as they pulled me deeper into the alley. The men were dressed in dark clothes and they held my arms tightly and painfully, wedging me closer to their own bodies. I tried to kick up, but they had the leverage and heeled my shins with their own feet.

So, I used my head – literally! Fast and hard I whipped my head from side to side, connecting with their temples. The jolting hits almost knocked me out and I was hoping for that effect with the goons.

My head did just enough damage to loosen their grips on my arms and I bolted from the alley. Thankfully, I heard no running taps on the alley pavement.

Racing fast and hard, far enough to be in front of the restaurant I looked back and saw no one. It seemed a small miracle had canceled out a mugging or something more sinister.

Inside the Pod Volat, I took some deep breaths and leaned for a moment against a wall. The maitre d came to me and asked about my health. I told him I was just winded because of my eagerness to see Ms Erica Vukovich, and had she arrived? At that very moment I looked and saw her at a table toward the end of the big lovely room – made all the more lovely because I had made it there.

Erica rose from her seat at the table and rushed to greet me with a wonderful smile on her face, attached to that fantastic face and body I remembered so well.

We kissed unashamedly until we both felt the eyes of patrons on us. We then took our seats at our table, ordered cocktails, and gazed into the eyes of the other.

After some hand holding across the table and many endearing sentiments, she became serious.

“I made a mistake, Deke, a big mistake. I left New York and should not have. I’ve never stopped loving you. My hope was that you would propose to me, then my family would have to back off.”

“Ah, Erica, I had the engagement ring in my pocket that evening you told me you were leaving.”

We both laughed, and she asked, “Do you still have it?”

I ceremoniously reached into my left jacket pocket and pulled out the small box, left my seat and knelt by her chair: “Will you marry me, Erica? I love you with all my heart.”

With my proposal, Erica stood, tightly embraced me, and gave me one long lingering kiss – until we heard the patrons in Pod Volat applauding.

Just a tad embarrassed we reclaimed our seats at the table and talked of our plans for the immediate and distant future.

Sometime during that wonderful night, Erica apologetically spoke of her brothers. “You know, they threatened to try and scare you away from meeting me tonight. I knew they wouldn’t do it.”

My smile could never convey to her the satisfaction she had just given me.

I got a suite in the Hotel Ziya, and we stayed for three days, time to gather Erica’s belongings for our trip back to New York.

I never got to meet the brothers…well, not really…

Flash Fiction by: Billy Ray Chitwood – November 30, 2016

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Cloud Dancer – Another Pre-Pub Visit


Cloud Dancer – Another Pre-Pub Visit

Finishing up proofreading and editing, I thought the cover for the novel should be introduced…hope you like it!

Plus, I’m including the back matter of the cover for just a small sense of the novel’s subject matter.

Blake Fielding is on a Phoenix, AZ freeway when clipped by a semi-truck, causing a multiple pile-up. Hospitalized with his injuries, Blake’s world changes in inscrutable ways. Love comes to capture his heart forever, along with some Déja Vu, time travel, a journey along ‘The Trail of Tears’, and a murder in current time.

It’s my first venture through several genres…it was fun to write. I believe you will find it an enjoyable read.



You’ve heard this so many times, but, since I’m not the best at launching a book, maybe you readers can give me a boost – that is, read the book, then write a review on Amazon and Goodreads. Now, I can’t promise you that your heart will rejoice, but my heart surely will. What I can promise you is an excellent read, with mystical love and romance that will stay with you for a long time. There’s even some historical worthiness coming with this book – specifically about one of our country’s most egregious acts, ‘The Trail of Tears’. So, crossing a few genres in present day, you get to time travel, feel some warm heart nudges, witness a murder, and, well, just read the book – if you don’t like it, I’ll give your money back (but you have to come find me!) 🙂 That’s not going to be necessary because I know you’re going to love this book…just finishing up tightening the nuts and bolts. Cloud Dancer will be released within two weeks.  

Billy Ray Chitwood – August 12, 2016


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Cloud Dancer


Cloud Dancer

That’s the title of my newest book – the one I’m finishing as soon as I write this post. The cover is being created in the next few days – not the image above, but one I think the readers will like.

Why Cloud Dancer? Sounds a bit American Indian-like, does it not? Well, it is.

It occurred to me that my writing thus far has embraced the genres of mystery, suspense, and romance. Because it is my wife’s belief, through her genealogy efforts, that I have a smidgen of Cherokee in my blood, I decided to venture out of my normal zone and write through several genres. The result of my efforts will be Cloud Dancer.

So, Cloud Dancer is to be primarily a romance novel, a love story for the ages, set in 2017 and 1838. It is a novel that will have some narrative sequences regarding the ‘Trail of Tears’ – the forced relocation in the 1830’s by our government of the Cherokee Nation and the other civilized tribes located in the Southeastern Appalachian area of our nation. The book will explore to some extent the pain and suffering of the Cherokee along that historic ‘Trail’ and show some bias against Andrew Jackson’s ‘Indian Removal Act’ of 1830. It was, in my opinion, one of the most corrupt and insensitive acts of our country’s government.

Be that as it may, the book also has an endearing, incredible love story, plus murder and suspense – just could not get away from the genres for which I have great interest. It has Déjà Vu, time travel, and some psycho-babble.

You might be thinking that Cloud Dancer might be too big a project to share with readers. However, in my most humble opinion, it’s one of my best novels. Of course, that is not my judgement to make. The readers, and I pray there are many, will make that decision.

Those who follow my blog will be the first to know when the book is ready for publishing and ordering.

I don’t give 100% guarantees on my books – you know, I like them all, think they are well written and entertaining, and, of the fourteen books, Cloud Dancer could very well be my best.

Thanks for your indulgence.

Billy Ray Chitwood – August 3, 2016


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Here’s a truly beautiful love story with some suspense thrown in. It is a story I enjoyed so much writing, because, well, let’s just say there were some personal moments written between some of those lines. Here’s a minor caveat: keep the tissues handy! You will love PHOENIX FIRE!

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ScdS7qTI_bigger Here’s a description of PHOENIX FIRE: ScdS7qTI_bigger

A Phoenix, Arizona entrepreneur and an ad agency director fall in love in a most unusual way. Their relationship is interrupted by sibling clashes, a gambling addiction, a murder, and a matriarch’s secret that ultimately causes emotional chaos and disorientation. This is a book that will draw the reader into the story and compel them to stay glued until the end. The gripping climax to PHOENIX FIRE is powerful, and tissues are recommended. Treat yourself to a marvelous romance, mixed with some suspense and a desert odyssey to save one’s soul. A truly great read.

– Billy Ray Chitwood – 6/22/16 –

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Blogging and Dreaming


Blogging and Dreaming

It is what it is! A shameful declaration of a book wearing a colorful cover that is going to go on the circuit in the next couple of weeks.

What’s it about? You ask.

It’s a love story carrying the #Romance genre and it has some suspenseful moments and some pretty powerful ‘moving’ moments – that means, those with tender hearts and souls are likely going to be using lots of tissues. An entrepreneur and a lovely ad agency executive fall in love in an unusual way, but there are obstacles – sibling rivalry, gambling, murder, a matriarch’s great secret which causes chaos and mind-jarring impulses, and a long desert odyssey to reclaim a mind and soul.

Now, look, I’m an author among millions, just trying to pen some words on a laptop screen that conveys some notions I believe are important. To praise Phoenix Fire to the reading public as the next New York Times ‘Best Seller’ is not only silly but unrealistic. What I can say with some degree of civility and prudence is, Phoenix Fire is a book with many elements of the human condition and a darn good love story. It was a joy to write, and it’s my guess the book will be a joy to read.

Now, I’m admitting here that I’m a writer and not a market expert in this business – other than lots of Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, Google Plus, Stumble Upon, and Blog plugs. Think about it, a person sitting in a recliner all day writing, does not get enough exercise, and can procrastinate with he best…likely doesn’t get enough sympathy, as well. After all, the world is full of writers wanting fame and success.  But I have to tell you, old’Yogi Bear’ would say, if he could, and, would, Phoenix Fire is bigger than the average bear!

Okay, I’m just one of those millions of writers, but Phoenix Fire is a winner and deserves a very large readership. So, maybe you can be looking for it to emerge in the next couple of weeks, get yourself a copy and help me spread the word, flood Amazon and Goodreads with reviews, maybe re-blog this post or do the things I don’t know how to do to launch and promote a book… The pay is not so good but there is a heart with a whole lot of gratitude. ♥

Now that I’ve written this blog plea, do I post it? If I do post it, I’m letting the world know a side of me that brings me to tears.

Well, my wife has the cardboard message ready. I go now to find the best stoplight corner in town. Some days are not too bad, but, even with the beard disguise, it really is embarrassing.

Billy Ray Chitwood – June 7, 2016

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Austin After Hours

download (3)

Austin After Hours

Guess I’ll never learn! I’m Shawn Finney, and this episode has all the makings of a super ‘Dream Evening’.

I’m a sucker for a sad song and dance, and this little lady knows exactly what she is doing, her body virtually melting into mine with serious and obvious endorsements – should you get my meaning. Perhaps I should put it this way: I was a bit embarrassed when the dance ended, and we returned to our seats.

I’m in Austin, Texas, one of my favorite cities in the whole world, calling on some Tech accounts. It’s close to 10:00 PM and I’m bone-tired, thinking maybe I’ll go to my spacious room, order a cheeseburger, fries, chocolate milk shake, get fat and watch a movie.

Thing is, I overthink the whole thing. Yeah, true, I want that cheeseburger, fries, and chocolate milk shake, but I’m just passing a busy lounge in the hotel, hearing the laughter, music, mixed with some soft feminine voices, and my old devalued brain thinks I’m likely missing something by going to bed so early.

Well, I no sooner get seated on a posh bar stool when this raven-haired beauty gets shoved into me by this big ole boy in a cowboy hat who is clumsily on his way to the Men’s Room – not drunk, just clumsy and full of apologies to me and the gorgeous lady.

When the cowboy passes, the lady and I make some eye contact and it’s my belief something warm and friendly is palpable between us. She is just getting back from the Ladies Room, heading for a corner booth where two other women sit with amused grins.

I end up in that corner booth with those three women, and as the fickle finger of fate would have it, they all worked at one of my Tech accounts. Raven hair’s name is Barbara, and the other two Joyce and Nancy. So, we have lots to talk about, except, truth be known, I’m thinking of how to cut this long-haired raven lovely out of the pack.

Into my second drink, the small combo start playing some late night soft song, and I notice Barbara glancing at the dance floor. I’m thinking that’s a signal for me to ask her to dance… I do and she accepts the invitation.

Now, the room has low lights, for which I’m thankful, and I can tell the world that if excitement in dancing is measured by groin grinding, racing heart-beat, muttered monosyllabic inanities, then I am one excited Tech Salesman about to blow body fuses.

Barbara’s two lady friends pause on their way out of the lounge. “You two have fun. We’re going to our rooms.” They smile and leave.

Now, I’m thinking… If the ladies work for the Tech Company here in Austin, why are they staying in the hotel? So, I ask Barbara.

“There’s a Tech Convention in town and the company wants some of us staying at the hotel to manage the hospitality suite for the VIPs.”

“My company didn’t make me aware of any convention and no one mentioned it today during my rounds.”

“Well,” Barbara concludes, “it’s off the radar. ‘Hush-Hush’ kind of stuff. Even I don’t know what transpires at the convention meetings, but I do know it’s a really big thing.”

Back at the corner booth, with another drink and the crowd thinning out, Barbara and I make it official that we are indeed connecting – body and hand touching, dreamy eyes, asking personal questions of each other.

No, neither of us is married. No, neither of us is going steady. Yes, there are relationships that lasted for a while.

“You’re too lovely, Barbara, not to be encumbered. Recent break-up?” I ask.

“Yes,” she answers, pauses for a moment, “Do you mind if I become rather blunt, Shawn?”

That question rings my bell. It’s loaded with expectations of the good kind and the bad kind. I figure it can’t hurt to be optimistic. “No, Barbara, I don’t mind – become rather blunt!”

I hope for the best!

“Well, I have a room here at the hotel, and you have a room here as well. Would you like to continue our ‘getting to know each other’ in your room or mine?”

After flip-flops of victorious surprise, I squeeze her hand and say, “Let’s use mine. It’s spacious and has a great view.” We both laugh, likely on the same wave length, ‘yeah, really’? Space and views are going to be up close and personal.

While Barbara wanders out of the lounge, I pay the fairly large tab – which will find its way on my next company expense account – and go in pursuit of Barbara.


I expect Barbara will be just outside the door of the lounge, but not so. I look around the large lobby and no Barbara. Maybe she needs the Ladies Room, so I go and stand a few yards away.

Finally, I open the Ladies Room door a crack and yell her name – several times.

No Barbara!

What the hell is going on? She has taken no money from me. She seems genuinely interested in me. What game is she playing? Is there something sinister at play? Nah, no way! Not in this classy place!

I wait and I wait.

Finally, peeved and let down, I go to my room on the 18th floor, fish in my pocket for a room entry card and cannot find it. I go back down to a virtually empty lobby, no sign of Barbara, get a new entry card and return to my room.

The door opens easily and I enter the semi-dark room. The city lights pour through the windows and provide clear outlines of the furniture and the mini-bar. I consider for a moment another drink…to placate my self-pity and mild depression. No, I will do no movie skit here! I’ll just put my disappointment to bed.

For a moment I plop on the large sofa and contemplate the evening. What a bummer! I mean, so beautiful all the way to the end, then a bummer!

I sigh deeply, lazily shed my clothes and leave all items in a heap on the sofa.

I enter the spacious bedroom and flip the light switch.

My eyes are ready to pop out of my head!

A purring voice says, “I thought you’d never get here!”

There on the bed, covers pulled down, her lovely long raven hair spilled across a king-sized pillow, her blue-green eyes soft and pleading fake forgiveness, her forefinger at the corner of her lush red lips, and her voluptuous body in a tantalizing position, was the missing Barbara.

I stand and look with wide eyes and a silly smile on my face.  A certain part of me is swelling with joy and pride.

I look idiotic as I do a swan dive onto the king-sized bed.

And, oh, yes, there was indeed a most delightful ending…

Flash Fiction by Billy Ray Chitwood – April 25, 2016

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Millions Do It – Why Should I?


Millions Do It – Why Should I?

Look at the blank pages!

I’ve looked at blank pages for many years, even managed to fill enough of them to write thirteen books, books of mystery and suspense, some inspired by true-life events, even filled some of those blank pages with romance and books about myself. You can find those thirteen books on While I’m at it, I lay claim to roughly 250 blog posts, many tracking emotional events and moments, serving up comments on some of the world’s crazies. There are flash fiction goodies and short stories. My blogs and archive appear on Goodreads and on I’ve been very gratified in receiving eleven blog nominations. Hopefully, some of you will find reading pleasure in these blog posts.

There are a few book sales, some great amazon and Goodreads reviews, and, humble as I am, I believe the books should be reaching more readers. One of the big problems is my ineptness in the digital world, how to extend the reach of my blogs and books to a wider audience. I rely on Twitter tweets, promos added to my posts, Amazon, and Kindle KDP. I’ve never been adept in electronics, mechanics, and have a problem keeping up with the social media flow. Another problem is I’m ‘cheap’, don’t want to spend thousands on advertising and/or a publicist. AND, with millions of writers across the globe, I’m a needle in the proverbial hay stack.

(Yeah, I know, you’ve heard all of this in previous blogs and private conversations…there are great numbers of us!)

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love to write and consider much of the social media a distraction to filling more blank pages. If truth be known, the writing is enough for me. But, there’s a small selfish part of me that would like to see some monetary rewards for my efforts. Now, notwithstanding my humility, I know my books, blogs, stories, have an entertainment value and a clarity of style. Sure, the process is long with the first draft, the editing, rewrites, the proofing, and the re-reads. Even with all involved in the writing process, I can almost guarantee, after one of my books is published, there will be a minor typo or errata. From Indie writers to traditionally published authors, one generally can find errors in some of their published pages.

Well, venting-time is over… I just wanted to share with so many of my writing friends that making money on those blank pages you fill up is wonderful – and you likely go the extra mile, spend much of your time and energy in the promotional stage…not to say you have not written a beautiful book that deserves the big payoff. Indie or traditionally published, I’m happy for you.

If this sounds self-serving, well, it is! I checked the KDP report and saw my modest sales. I would like more sales, but I’ll keep writing, regardless. It keeps me active and alive…and, when I write on those blank pages the particular phrases that bloat me with delight, well, those are the game winners for me.

Now, will all who read this start a viral event and buy my books!!!

Hope springs eternal!

Billy Ray Chitwood – November, 2015

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New Book Inspired by Truth

BookCoverImage (1)

New Book Inspired by Truth

Today, October 6, 2015, my thirteenth book went on Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions – P/B: — Kindle: The book cover is shown above, but, like some ad I cannot remember reminds us, ‘it’s what’s inside that really counts’. For those who like mystery, suspense, and romance, I’d bet the store you will like this one…

The people who follow my blog will hopefully recognize the title and a previous blog about my frustration when the manuscript was lost in a house move – if you will remember, I wrote Stranger Abduction years ago on a Star-Writer word processor, kept the book’s pages in a box which was eventually lost. The book was to be Book 2 of 7 in my ‘Bailey Crane Mystery Series’. Suffice it to say, there are now six books in that series, all ‘stand-alone’ books that do show the natural progression of the central character. The ‘Bailey Cranes’ are cozy mysteries with a lot of musing by Bailey about his life and loves while chasing the bad guys – along with a hefty amount of moral ambivalence…

But I digress too far…

Back to Stranger Abduction, I completely rewrote the book and it stands alone and delivers, without bias I proclaim, clarity of narrative, dialogue, characters of great interest, and an ending which presents an alternate truth to the supposed outcome of a true mother and daughter disappearance…at least, an alternate truth that offers softer contemplation.

‘Proof/pudding’, all that stuff, I hope you find the time to read the paperback or Kindle version of the book and provide Amazon and/or Goodreads with your reviews.

You know, the author creates and hopes he resonates… Of course, the readers make the final determination. In the meantime, except when sleeping, I’ll keep my fingers crossed and wish for a viral happening.

Please enjoy Stranger Abduction. The ‘buy links’ are under the book cover above.

Reblogs will delight me no end… 🙂

Billy Ray Chitwood – October 6, 2015


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