Naive and/or Wise Observations


Naive and/or Wise Observations

A – People who must have their lives constantly validated, politicians, for example, will ultimately become in absentia!

B – Politics was created to satisfy Beatific games!

C – Many believe that life is really simple, not meant to be so costly and Complicated by politicians.

D – Clashing IQs definitely lead to Demented behavior.

E – False and misleading media reportage becomes an Enemy of the people.

F – There is an increasing lack of Fidelity in the would-be leaders of the free world.

G – Too many gremlins of Graft and Greed occupy important seats of decision making for ‘We the People’.

H – Being an optimist, I believe Hatred will disappear when hell freezes over…

I – The road of good Intentions has pot holes on occasion.

J – Lady Justice is not blind but she does wear a blindfold.

K – Politicians are killing me ‘not’ so softly with their words.

L – It’s true! Love does ‘Trump’ all!

M – Ah, sweet Mystery of Life and love!

N – A great spaceman, Neil Armstrong, said: “ It’s a great thing for a man to walk on the moon. But it’s a greater thing for God to walk on the earth.”

O – Here is One quote I love (from Antonin Scalia): “God assumed from the beginning that the wise of the world would view Christians as fools…and he has not been disappointed…. If I have any message today, it is this: Have the courage to have your wisdom regarded as stupidity. Be fools for Christ. And have the courage to suffer the contempt of the sophisticated world.”

P – We are Polarized in our beautiful country…but spring and summer is coming! Huh!

Q – I’m a Querulous lad! I want our country to work and get back its greatness!

R – I no doubt Rankle a few Readers with my comments…but, Really, that’s no reason not to buy my books at

S – Pardon my Silliness. It’s not hazardous to your health.

T – Is it not a Thrill ‘To gather’ some words ‘Together’ That Titillate your own emotions. Great Therapy, This writing business!

U – Following the same Thread of Thinking, I’m in Utopia when I get 5-Star Reviews!

V – This letter says it all about me, truly! Vagabond, I am! Some might like better ‘a hopeless hobo’.

W – Or, following that ‘V’ thought, some might like to call me a Wanderlust, a Wastrel, or Worse!

X – Now, this is true! I’m going to the Doctor next week and I will get an X-Ray…and maybe play a Zylophone! Okay, too much of a stretch…sorry.

Y – Another truth! My tomorrows and my Yesterdays are flying by!

Z – As in surprising, ‘Zounds’, I ran the alphabet! Can I hear from someone: “Zuper job, Billy Ray!”

Billy Ray Chitwood – March 11, 2017

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A Piece of Memory

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A Piece of Memory

The flashlight fell from my feeble fingers into the fast- moving current of Campers Creek. In the moonless darkness, my body trembled with the awful cold and uncertainty of the moment.


How did I know this was Campers Creek?

I was here with my club-footed cousin so many years ago…why do I remember that piece of my past and not this part of my present?

Why did I have a flashlight?

How did I get to the middle of this fifty-yard wide swirl of water?

Why am I here?

Why do I hear faint screams in my ears that sound demonic – and, yet, somehow familiar?

What is my name?

I can’t think of who I am!

Who do I know?

I was here with my club-footed cousin so many years ago…why do I remember that piece of my past and not this part of my present?

Did I just say that?

Why do I not know where to go?

Who is the woman whose image keeps flashing before me?

What do I do?

My God!

Has the world gone mad?

Flash Fiction by: Billy Ray Chitwood – 3/6/17

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Sleeping with Dragons


Sleeping with Dragons

No forked tongue,

Only the truth.

I slept with dragons

In my youth.


Lust and Ladies,

Along with booze,

Their fiery breaths

Bade me to choose.


Now, the end is near,

And I seek redemption.

Hot dragons whisper

Harshly, ‘No exemption’.


Flashing before me in

Giant reptilian themes,

I toss on a rumpled bed

Of ignominious dreams.


So, brothers of the bond,

Hearken to my broken life.

Seek love and nobility

In the arms of your wife.


Avoid the paths before you

That lead to Dragon caves

And sleep not with them

To reach dishonored graves.


Billy Ray Chitwood – February 17, 2017


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Sound Stage Rebellion



Sound Stage Rebellion

(Flash Fiction)

            Melanie stood before the mirror and smiled. She had a beautiful face, unblemished, her eyes blue in a soft shade. Her blonde hair was meticulously tied with a scarlet ribbon and the silky remainder fell to her mid-back.

Melanie was dressed in cut-off jeans and red halter. Although ten years had passed since she won the Miss Kentucky Beauty Pageant, she looked at age twenty-nine more beautiful than at nineteen.

“You’re on, Melanie, in five minutes.”

“Thanks, Hugo,” she yelled through the dressing room door. “I’m on my way.”

Murray Gushman had his cast gathered around as he described what he wanted in the scene about to be shot.

“Melanie, you’re busy at your flower garden, pulling unwanted weeds. You are softly singing one of your favorite tunes, ‘Keep on Smiling.’ It’s three o’clock in the afternoon and the weather is beautiful.

“Sandra, you come hopping over from your house next door, in a very happy mood. It’s your anniversary, and you’re baking a favorite cake for your husband. You ran out of sugar and need to borrow some from Melanie. You both sit on the grass and chat – you know your lines from the script so don’t do any ad-libbing.

“Wayne, you’re driving slowly past. Your hormones are titillated by the two women on the grass…they’re sitting in a way that gets your heart racing, and you are suddenly aroused. You watch the women as they rise from the grass, go inside Melanie’s house for the sugar. You wait for ten minutes, an inexplicable urgency shutting out all but thoughts of a sexual encounter. You…”

“Come on, Murray, that’s not the way the script reads. You’re changing the story into porno.”

“That’s the way the producers want it, Wayne – and, it’s not porno. Except for a few minor changes in the script from this scene onward, it’s a story about the human condition, about someone afflicted with uncontrollable urges, about the effects and destruction his action have on the people who are involved.”

“Cheeze! Murray, that story has been told so often, it’s becoming ridiculous.”

“Hey, Wayne,” Murray’s voice now louder, “you want this part or not? You’re holding up the production, and, if you’re out, that means another delay to find a fill-in for you. Why are you making life so difficult here? You’ve got a lead part in what I truly believe can be an outstanding film. This is a hellava time for moral rectitude. You’re pissing me off, Wayne! I know you have the resumé, the star status, and all that, but you knew what this sexual exploitation was about. Why the hell did you accept the role? You wanting more money?”

“You’ve changed the script, Murray. This production was supposed to be about ‘then and now’ – the changes in our culture over the past millennium. Do not make me the bad guy here! What amazes me is that you convinced the money people of the change.”

The cast sat stunned by the dialogue of director and leading star, wondering where it all was leading. The film crew shook their head in annoyance and disregard of their time – they were not ‘hourly’ employees.

“I’ve got the backing of the people who matter, Wayne. This conversation is over, but for one last question: are you in or out?”

“You’re a pervert, Murray! I don’t work with perverts.” He left the set, angrily throwing the script at the director.

After moments of silence, Murray spoke. “Okay, that’s that… Let’s get ready to shoot the next scene that does not include the great star, Wayne Hefron. We have damned good understudies with recognizable names who can fill the spot.”

He watched in consternation the walk-off of the crew and the actors on the set. “Where the hell are you going? We’ve got a picture to shoot here!”

Then, Murray Gushman was alone on the big set. He sat in his director’s chair and slammed the script down to the floor. “What now?” he mumbled to himself. He never experienced the silence that pervaded the sound stage.

The telephone jarred him out of his thoughts.

“This is Murray Gushman,” he said into the mouth piece.

“This is Frank Mandolino, Murray. Find another studio. You’re fired!” The phone went dead.

Murray sat for a while, his mind churning with thoughts. What a jerk! Mandolino was the guy who suggested the changes in the script.

            Finally, he gathered his personal belongings and left the sound stage. Hell, there were plenty of studios – maybe he would give the quick-buck adult movies a shot.

            Right now, he was horny. It was time to pay the ‘girl shop’ a visit.

He dialed a number on his car phone. It only rang once before an answer.

“This is Linda Sue,” the sexy voice purred.

“Linda Sue, this is Murray. I’m on my way to the shop, Is Valerie available? I’ve got a lot to get off my mind.”

“She will be waiting for you, Murray.”

Flash Fiction by Billy Ray Chitwood – 6/14/16


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The Boiling Point

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The Boiling Point

Ever feel like doing a middle-finger flip? Do you have a boiling point? A point at which all the patience leaves you and there seems no other way to dispel the anger you’re feeling? C’mon, now, you’re only human, ‘fess up, you’ve done a few middle-finger flips in your life – on the highway, when some jerk is playing hanky-panky with his girlfriend, listening to loud-jarring music and plucking on a non-existent guitar, otherwise lost in some netherworld of thought, and he/she wanders over into your passing lane, scares, maybe even soils the pants you’re wearing? Right? Admit it! Remember, there’s no way I’m tracking answers…

Now, it always helps if you have a patient girlfriend or wife in the passenger seat, pleading with you, “Please, sweet buns, stop screaming and pull down that stiff, wild middle finger…we’ll have an accident or some road rage incident! Please!”

However, your boiling point cannot so easily be assuaged, your foul language foiled. You must let the ‘jerk’ see that you are very angry and make sure he sees the wave of your middle-finger and the rage showing on your face… That will become the critical turning point of the highway incident.

It is then that you see beyond the dark-tinted driver’s window of the other car a most attractive long-haired brunette smiling sadly but sweetly at you while eating a McDonald’s French fry. The sad smile seems to be saying, ‘I made a momentary boo-boo, please forgive me.’ So, your mad contorted grimace slowly turns itself into a smile and you wave and continue passing the lovely lady’s car.

Now, it could have been another scenario… You see beyond the dark-tinted driver’s window a very large mean-looking guy who is just noticing you giving him a finger. Your mind continues with its rage against this bumbling discourteous driver until, uh-oh, the other driver motions angrily for you to pull over as he slows and pulls to the shoulder. Suddenly, there is a metabolism-shift, molecules breaking down inside, and you quickly come back in control of your anger. So, you smile, allow your middle-finger to concert with it fellow fingers, wave at the now-angry other driver, and move quickly, nay, fast, on down the highway…hoping that somehow you’ve done enough to palliate the situation.

Now, the wife is again comfortable, unaware of your sudden chemistry change, and you slyly watch the rearview mirror for the other driver. Soon, you feel that all is normal again, and your wife softly suggests, “Honey, can you slow down? You’re going to get a ticket.”

Ah, those darn boiling points!

‘Micro’ Flash by Billy Ray Chitwood – December 12, 2015


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Millions Do It – Why Should I?


Millions Do It – Why Should I?

Look at the blank pages!

I’ve looked at blank pages for many years, even managed to fill enough of them to write thirteen books, books of mystery and suspense, some inspired by true-life events, even filled some of those blank pages with romance and books about myself. You can find those thirteen books on While I’m at it, I lay claim to roughly 250 blog posts, many tracking emotional events and moments, serving up comments on some of the world’s crazies. There are flash fiction goodies and short stories. My blogs and archive appear on Goodreads and on I’ve been very gratified in receiving eleven blog nominations. Hopefully, some of you will find reading pleasure in these blog posts.

There are a few book sales, some great amazon and Goodreads reviews, and, humble as I am, I believe the books should be reaching more readers. One of the big problems is my ineptness in the digital world, how to extend the reach of my blogs and books to a wider audience. I rely on Twitter tweets, promos added to my posts, Amazon, and Kindle KDP. I’ve never been adept in electronics, mechanics, and have a problem keeping up with the social media flow. Another problem is I’m ‘cheap’, don’t want to spend thousands on advertising and/or a publicist. AND, with millions of writers across the globe, I’m a needle in the proverbial hay stack.

(Yeah, I know, you’ve heard all of this in previous blogs and private conversations…there are great numbers of us!)

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love to write and consider much of the social media a distraction to filling more blank pages. If truth be known, the writing is enough for me. But, there’s a small selfish part of me that would like to see some monetary rewards for my efforts. Now, notwithstanding my humility, I know my books, blogs, stories, have an entertainment value and a clarity of style. Sure, the process is long with the first draft, the editing, rewrites, the proofing, and the re-reads. Even with all involved in the writing process, I can almost guarantee, after one of my books is published, there will be a minor typo or errata. From Indie writers to traditionally published authors, one generally can find errors in some of their published pages.

Well, venting-time is over… I just wanted to share with so many of my writing friends that making money on those blank pages you fill up is wonderful – and you likely go the extra mile, spend much of your time and energy in the promotional stage…not to say you have not written a beautiful book that deserves the big payoff. Indie or traditionally published, I’m happy for you.

If this sounds self-serving, well, it is! I checked the KDP report and saw my modest sales. I would like more sales, but I’ll keep writing, regardless. It keeps me active and alive…and, when I write on those blank pages the particular phrases that bloat me with delight, well, those are the game winners for me.

Now, will all who read this start a viral event and buy my books!!!

Hope springs eternal!

Billy Ray Chitwood – November, 2015

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Thoughts Deceive


Thoughts Deceive!

On my mental sofa today – well, I’m there pretty much every day! – playing my usual mind games…driven by the mood of the moment. The mood of the moment today is yet another act in the on-going saga of introspective nonsense. You know, those moments when you try to make sense of who you are and how you came to be that way. Now, I’m aware that it clearly might be the medication(s) that I daily swallow after a bowl of cereal, an English muffin, eggs on toast, or a bagel with cream cheese (thorough, am I not, with the details?).

Let’s see if this happens in your life. My British heritage nags me to say, ‘Jolly good thought’!

There are days when I feel absolutely splendid, ready to go, do things, experiment with life, and/or happily complacent to sit and jab at the keys of my laptop…there is after all my thirteenth book that has to be finished. Procrastination is always so easy of course and the writing will wait. Maybe shopping for a new piece of home furniture will get me out of the house – or buying a gift for my lovely wife… It is after all a fact that Christmas is but a week away. Well, the decision will be made after my little mental break here.

There are days when the apathy and ‘what’s it all about?’ mood entrenches its ugly mood within the cloudy space between the ears. Why is it I’m so restless? Why is it nothing really seems to matter so much? I write blog posts that express my views on a particular nation/world situation and the responses are usually from the same sweet people, dutifully mollifying me. That’s all appreciated and wonderful, but I’m convinced that my words will likely make no difference in the way people think. We are who we are and tend to stay that way. My books get some good reviews from friends and some strangers, yet they are not very likely as good as I thought them to be…they are, really! I’m a man in his late twilight years, can’t do the things I could once do very well, find myself envying the young, their lives out there in front of them with no end in sight… Jeez, I’m an upbeat sort of guy – it must be the medications! No, Billy Boy, you’ve always been the ‘moth to light’, ‘wisp in the wind’ kind of fellow. Accept it, tomorrow will be a better day.

There are days when the news is so bad and I’m so angry with our political leaders I want to put a fist into the wall. So, I write a blog post instead – finding my group of positive sympathizers, pissing off everyone else! The thoughts jumble as I think about my kids, my grandkids, my great grandkids, wonder what kind of world they will live in. Hey, I know the world changes! How could it not with all the scientific and technological advances, the computer programs, the war games, the wonder. The cowboy movies of my past have given over to digital madness and magic – it’s a natural progression! I get that! But it pisses me off! Too much change! Too much anger and rage! Too much division among our people! Should love change? Should marriage ‘til death do us part’ change? Should God and son Jesus Christ not be mentioned anymore? Should Islamic Radicals – hell, terrorists! – be the new order, cutting off heads, killing for their ideology? Should Cuba now be a vacation spot for us, spending our bucks in a country that violates civil rights big time? Should we not remember the ‘Twin Towers’ and the death of 3,000 of our citizens? Should we do away with the CIA, those guys that saved thousands of lives a few short years ago, now maligned by political people who don’t or won’t remember too well and want childishly and ridiculously ‘to get even’ with their counterparts?

Well, you get the drift! Daft or not, that’s what I’m thinking…

It’s either the damned medication or the news of the day or just me! I suspect it’s the latter.

I’m so angry, I’m going out and run up my credit card bill! I’m still going to believe in God and the US Constitution! I’m still going to be conservative! I’m not going to beat my wife! I can’t promise but it’s not my plan to run any red lights or break any laws while I’m out spending money today.

Man, am I messed up???

Billy Ray Chitwood – December 19, 2014


You know I have to do it! I’ve got to promote one of my books…otherwise, why be on the internet? It’s a mystery, thriller, suspenseful, with a weird plot and all. The book was inspired by an actual murder in Phoenix, Arizona. There were also actual murders in Texas, Pennsylvania, and California during the same time-frame. Of course, I use some poetic license…that’s why it is fiction! The murder in Phoenix started the ‘wheels turning’ and the book became Satan’s Song. A mother wants final closure on her daughter’s grotesque murder, and Bailey Crane, a different kind of sleuth, a fusing and musing sleuth, wishes to give her that closure. Please give a read and, if disposed, write a review on Amazon.

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