Naive and/or Wise Observations


Naive and/or Wise Observations

A – People who must have their lives constantly validated, politicians, for example, will ultimately become in absentia!

B – Politics was created to satisfy Beatific games!

C – Many believe that life is really simple, not meant to be so costly and Complicated by politicians.

D – Clashing IQs definitely lead to Demented behavior.

E – False and misleading media reportage becomes an Enemy of the people.

F – There is an increasing lack of Fidelity in the would-be leaders of the free world.

G – Too many gremlins of Graft and Greed occupy important seats of decision making for ‘We the People’.

H – Being an optimist, I believe Hatred will disappear when hell freezes over…

I – The road of good Intentions has pot holes on occasion.

J – Lady Justice is not blind but she does wear a blindfold.

K – Politicians are killing me ‘not’ so softly with their words.

L – It’s true! Love does ‘Trump’ all!

M – Ah, sweet Mystery of Life and love!

N – A great spaceman, Neil Armstrong, said: “ It’s a great thing for a man to walk on the moon. But it’s a greater thing for God to walk on the earth.”

O – Here is One quote I love (from Antonin Scalia): “God assumed from the beginning that the wise of the world would view Christians as fools…and he has not been disappointed…. If I have any message today, it is this: Have the courage to have your wisdom regarded as stupidity. Be fools for Christ. And have the courage to suffer the contempt of the sophisticated world.”

P – We are Polarized in our beautiful country…but spring and summer is coming! Huh!

Q – I’m a Querulous lad! I want our country to work and get back its greatness!

R – I no doubt Rankle a few Readers with my comments…but, Really, that’s no reason not to buy my books at

S – Pardon my Silliness. It’s not hazardous to your health.

T – Is it not a Thrill ‘To gather’ some words ‘Together’ That Titillate your own emotions. Great Therapy, This writing business!

U – Following the same Thread of Thinking, I’m in Utopia when I get 5-Star Reviews!

V – This letter says it all about me, truly! Vagabond, I am! Some might like better ‘a hopeless hobo’.

W – Or, following that ‘V’ thought, some might like to call me a Wanderlust, a Wastrel, or Worse!

X – Now, this is true! I’m going to the Doctor next week and I will get an X-Ray…and maybe play a Zylophone! Okay, too much of a stretch…sorry.

Y – Another truth! My tomorrows and my Yesterdays are flying by!

Z – As in surprising, ‘Zounds’, I ran the alphabet! Can I hear from someone: “Zuper job, Billy Ray!”

Billy Ray Chitwood – March 11, 2017

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Cloud Dancer


Cloud Dancer

That’s the title of my newest book – the one I’m finishing as soon as I write this post. The cover is being created in the next few days – not the image above, but one I think the readers will like.

Why Cloud Dancer? Sounds a bit American Indian-like, does it not? Well, it is.

It occurred to me that my writing thus far has embraced the genres of mystery, suspense, and romance. Because it is my wife’s belief, through her genealogy efforts, that I have a smidgen of Cherokee in my blood, I decided to venture out of my normal zone and write through several genres. The result of my efforts will be Cloud Dancer.

So, Cloud Dancer is to be primarily a romance novel, a love story for the ages, set in 2017 and 1838. It is a novel that will have some narrative sequences regarding the ‘Trail of Tears’ – the forced relocation in the 1830’s by our government of the Cherokee Nation and the other civilized tribes located in the Southeastern Appalachian area of our nation. The book will explore to some extent the pain and suffering of the Cherokee along that historic ‘Trail’ and show some bias against Andrew Jackson’s ‘Indian Removal Act’ of 1830. It was, in my opinion, one of the most corrupt and insensitive acts of our country’s government.

Be that as it may, the book also has an endearing, incredible love story, plus murder and suspense – just could not get away from the genres for which I have great interest. It has Déjà Vu, time travel, and some psycho-babble.

You might be thinking that Cloud Dancer might be too big a project to share with readers. However, in my most humble opinion, it’s one of my best novels. Of course, that is not my judgement to make. The readers, and I pray there are many, will make that decision.

Those who follow my blog will be the first to know when the book is ready for publishing and ordering.

I don’t give 100% guarantees on my books – you know, I like them all, think they are well written and entertaining, and, of the fourteen books, Cloud Dancer could very well be my best.

Thanks for your indulgence.

Billy Ray Chitwood – August 3, 2016


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The storm


The Storm

This could be about the ISIS storm, or, the political debate storm, or, a domestic storm…and, it is about all of these storms – plus, the weather witch is soaking our rolling hills with rain, lightning, and thunder…


Now, I don’t know about you (if you care enough to be informed on matters facing our Republic), but I’m really, REALLY, tired of the barbarians in the Middle East cutting off heads of children and adults for not believing in their stupid ideology which tells them to kill everyone who does not believe what they believe because destiny has them occupying the throne of the world…a side thought makes me wonder, should that happen, what the hell would they do for fun? Play Russian Roulette, or, design a parlor game of ‘Spin the Bottle’, the object being chopping off the head of ill-fated players whose misfortune it was to have the coca cola bottle neck pointing their way. Actually, what difference would it make? Death is good to these ugly bastards – they get a virgin in their heaven. I’m just saying, all lives have importance to someone no matter what part of the world they live. I’m just saying, we ought to care and be doing more, urgently and faster, as a world power to eliminate these bugs of brutality.

Where has ‘common sense’ been hiding? A Secretary of State and/or one of his loony aides cannot negotiate with madness. My common sense tells me this: before I let these idiots get to my country and start killing off my family and friends, I’m taking them out any way I can – by non-stop bombing attacks and a few ground troops (which we should have done over a year ago when they crossed Syria’s border into Iraq…they were in a vast open desert, easy prey for our mighty forces). Good people of any religion, no matter where they live, should not be arbitrarily killed by brazen idiotic ideologues. My common sense tells me this is not JV bullying. These mad men and women want us dead. Can we be so blind as not to see this? If we really and truly love this nation of ours, we need to get leadership that knows their history, knows that when good folks don’t see the ‘Hitlers of the world’ coming, doom is not far ahead. My common sense tells me that life is precious, even for those in a foreign land we don’t know. Life is a gift from God, or, for some people, a gift from an anonymous source. My common sense tells me not to mention ‘the Crusades’, Rome, Russia, Korea, Iran, any country that decided to let a few dictate to the many…how did that work out?

I am more a ‘dove’ than a ‘hawk’ but senseless killing by an Islamic terrorist group must not be on life’s menu of activities. Diplomacy is not an option with these monsters of mankind… We would be wise to remember that Neville Chamberlain and France in 1939 pursued a policy of appeasement in the hopes that Hitler would not bring Europe into war…again, how did that work out? If you hold an ‘Isolationist’ view, I likely infuriate and speak to empty air… We should not need reminding that our shores are indeed reachable. We recently celebrated our Independence… We should not need reminding that our Independence, our freedom, our liberty, came at a very high cost – millions of courageous men and women gave their lives during wars in foreign lands to preserve our way of life.

Our tiny orb in the universe holds eight billion people, and Science/Technology are putting the squeeze on all of us to find ways of living peacefully in a global society…so many different cultures and languages interfacing on a worldwide web creating complex social issues, dispensing some sincerity of purpose along with hatred and vitriol. We can hope Scientists, Micro-biologists, Brain Surgeons, and the Nano-Tech people can come up with microscopic implants or miracle pills that can make communication and global unity a real possibility. In the meantime, we need to face current realities…there are monsters of the midway heading in our direction, and we need to eradicate them.


The greatest political show of possibly any century is unfolding before us, with so many points and counter-points to make us dizzy. On one side of that political show, we have a group running for President of the United States that changes the face of our Republic even more drastically than it has been changed in the past six a half years. On the other side we have a large group who will likely squabble and squander a chance to elect someone who will stem the rush toward Socialism (that’s the ‘ism’ that sounds relatively good until it is in practice, until the power brokers and the elite take over, centralize, and give the reins of ruling the many to a few – for reference, see your history books!) I love this country, its Constitution, its Freedom for any of us to be what it is we wish, without a large bureaucratic government becoming too intrusive in our lives. That’s what my common sense tells me.


Domestically, my wife is taking the ‘liberty’ to nap while I’m typing this important piece of rant and rave… She will, however, awaken and find that I have again written a blog that will alienate me even further from the people I wish to buy my books. However, she loves me, knows that I speak not with a forked tongue. But, then, she will remind me again that what I write on the web is out there forever, and, if the heat becomes less than bearable, she might have to consider divorce…

Nah! She would not do that!!!

Billy Ray Chitwood – July 10, 2015

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The Ferguson Incident


The Ferguson Incident

My words cannot mean too much, but I feel them so I write them…

A young man lost his life in Ferguson, Missouri some months ago. The young man was black, nearly three-hundred pounds, high with pot and on some sort of personal rampage. He stole some cigarillos in a convenience store, shown on his exit via video tape as he brazenly and roughly shoved aside presumably the proprietor. He then walked defiantly alongside a cohort down the middle of a street.

Another young man, a white policeman tending to a police matter in the neighborhood, received word of the robbery and, after completing his other call, ultimately clashed physically with the young black man, and killed him with bullets fired from his service gun. There was first the angry denial of the young black man at the prospect of being arrested, and a fight ensued at the police cruiser. The young white policeman sustained injuries to his eyes and face. After warning shots to stop the fleeing young black man, the latter charged the policeman and was killed.

It was essentially the grand jury’s decision, after months of interviews, witness versions, sworn statements, audio, video, and forensic analyses, that the young white policeman killed the young black man in self-defense, that he should not be tried in the case. All of the evidence investigated by the Grand Jury is available for the public to view. Of course, all along the painstaking road to a GJ decision there was a media blitz, stirring the cauldron of divisiveness…giving, some believe, the race-spinners time to foment their intended anger and hatred.

One question lingers in my mind: under the same Ferguson circumstances, do any of the sane among us believe for a moment that an angry ‘hopped up’ white thug would be handled differently?

The first acknowledgement should be that a young man is tragically dead. A father and mother grieve for the wayward son, but they plead with the community and all citizens not to interfere with the ongoing investigation, to allow our United States system of justice to play out. If there is disagreement with the final verdict, it is a right to peacefully protest and make the counter-views known, but blind mob behavior, destroying businesses and autos by fire and looting stores are behaviors that must be handled through the criminal justice system. These are after all criminal acts and should be prosecuted. Otherwise, we sanction anarchy and destroy our democracy.

The second acknowledgement should be that there are those who live among us who cannot accept the tenets of a democracy… Here is where my tirade begins…

The United States has a couple of documents which are sacrosanct and inviolable – the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution. The first mentioned document gave our country independence from British rule. The second document was meant to be a legal blueprint for a democratic way of life, a binder, if you will, that secures the rights of all individuals and the due process of law.

When someone immigrates to the United States it is expected that the immigrant will learn the precepts of the Constitution, learn our language, adopt the freedoms and liberties accorded by the document without the abandonment of their own previous culture. Because the immigrant supposedly comes to the United States because he/she sees the opportunity for self-growth and achievement, sees the freedom to worship in the religion of their choice, sees the security given the citizens by the rule of law, it is expected that no person or group will convene to betray these underlying principles that our founding fathers set forth and that so many of our brave men and women have fought to preserve.

Sacrosanct documents and reality do not always go together.

There was once slavery in the United States, an economic way of life, a right by landowners to hold slaves to work their fields and, in many ways, to become an integral part of the owner’s family…though it did not always work that way.

That act of slavery was abolished by a brave and wise president named Abraham Lincoln, but not without a great civil war that killed so many young men and ate away so much of the US communal soul.

That was then, back in the eighteen hundreds! So many cannot and will not let that racial divide go. Are some in the present Black population still answering to an aggrieved and self-aggrandized group, a group that consciously looks for any reason to whip up a minority into a band of rioting thugs? I’m talking about the self-righteous leaders of Black Caucuses and Black Politicians who make their handsome incomes by keeping their constituents in a state of bondage, their own selfish bondage.

There have been so many advancements over the years on the racial issue. Yet, there are still those who financially benefit by keeping ‘race’ a factor in so many ways. There are Black leaders who feel that there is ‘white privilege’ and no equality. They rail when the statistics bear out the awful facts that contradict their focused realignment of truth – the broken black home, the black children with one parent, or, no parents at all, the crime rate among blacks.

There are no doubt some justifications for peaceful protests against decisions made under the rule of law. But when common criminals and hoodlums use these peaceful protests for their acts of violence, it should be obvious that their motives are but for selfish gain, very likely whipped up by the aforementioned race-spinners and not out of any grievance for a parent’s dead son. As previously alluded, it is my heart-felt opinion that there are some of the Black leaders, the race-hustlers, who do not put forth the efforts to change these statistics.

Instead of foment, try the truth!

I was born into poverty in Appalachia too many years ago, too many emotions and memories ago, with a broken family, state-run institutions, mobility, ingredients that could have made me a different person than I am today. There were the ‘poor white trash’ comments, the ragged clothes, and the abuse. Oh, there were enough confusion, doubt, mistakes, regret and remorse to fill several farm silos. But, somehow, with a loving mother, some good friends, relatives, a lot of good luck, I made it to and through adulthood, certainly not without mistakes and regrets, had a life of some accomplishments…and still here not quite ready for the trash heap.

The point is, this ‘equality thing’ that is brandished so often? No society will ever put in place a form of government to make everyone equal…and, who wants an ‘Eloi’ anyway? Maybe there is equality at birth, but then the qualifiers come in to play: intelligence, ignorance, low IQ, high IQ, capacity to learn, not learn, willingness to work hard, not work, disabilities – so many factors.

The point is, we can only live with what we have, what we are! We are all human. We need to care for those people who simply cannot make it on their own. We cannot make ‘entitlement’ our rule. We can judiciously make it our exception. We let the cream rise to the top. We let the best and talented among us (the ‘doers’) create our financial growth and jobs…without a lot of phony ‘entitlement’ regulations. We help the poor learn whatever trade in which they can excel so they can become self-sufficient. We help our aged if they truly need the help…shame on us if we do not.

The point is, without apologizing for it, we need a strong government, one that is honestly transparent, trustworthy, and works for us, that protects our borders, keeps us strong with state of the art military, equipment, intelligence, and makes any country think twice before they attempt to test our might…no bully, just being a good ‘boy scout’.

The point is, our country is a democratic republic. If you don’t want to be here, leave! Do not attempt to corrupt our citizens with the hatred you brought with you. If the God you brought with you wants us dead, take him back where you found him. The Gods we serve in our country don’t preach hatred and terror… We are the greatest nation on earth. Like us, live by our laws, or leave us!

The final point is, thugs with bats beating against store windows and robbing small store owners in Ferguson, Missouri because they did not agree with a Grand Jury rendering (or, more likely, using it as an excuse for their criminal acts) just don’t hack it here! You and those who led you hopefully will be found and punished… 

Do not let ‘Color’ be a disease!

We are all ‘one’.

Billy Ray Chitwood – November 29, 2014

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