Georgie-Boy George has been gone now a few weeks, and I burden you with my grief… It just seems I must put the tears of remembrance down to let him know in his eternal sleep he will always be in my heart. George was a lively kitten who often irritated me with his antics. Then, […]


Life and Death

Life and Death Why are there trees? Why do trees have so many branches? Why do the branches have so many leafy arms? Why do the leaves fall and die in the cold seasons? Why do new leaves appear on the branches in the warm seasons? Of course, if we have paid attention in school […]

Chasing Sunset

Chasing Sunset The bright yellow Corvette sped along the California Coast highway, flashed brightly in the afternoon sun, occasionally crossed carelessly to the shoulders on each side of the road. The handsome man driving was tensely absorbed in his thoughts, his tropical Tommy Bahama silk shirt flapped wildly in the swirling air, ballooned over his […]

Nancy Joan – In Memoriam

Nancy Joan – In Memoriam The family called her Nickie. Nancy Joan “Nickie” is the little beauty on the right in the old grainy photo. The little beauty on the left is now my wife, Julie Anne. The handsome fellow in the picture is the father and my sorely missed dear friend and bridge partner. […]

“Butterflies And Jellybeans – A Love Story” (A short excerpt)

     Most of my books are either ‘mystery-crime-adventure’ genre or ‘memoir’.  “Butterflies And Jellybeans – A Love Story” is my first romance novel. While it is essentially a love story, there are some elements that would attest to my penchant for the ‘mystery’ component in most of my books. Fate plays a hand while […]

“The Snow Bench”

“The Snow Bench”      In viewing its cold bitter beauty, that could be my body buried under the snow on that lonely bench. In a warmer June I sat with a young nose-freckled, fresh-faced lass, held her hand, and told her that I loved her. Her smile that responded to my words is etched forever in my […]