My Stag Party

                                 My Stag Party Up front I can say my mind had entertained some negative thoughts about my upcoming marriage. I don’t know. My intended was a wonderful person, pretty, with humility and a great heart. And, I do love her. It’s just, and, yeah, I know you’ve heard all this, I was not ‘in […]

A New Novel by Christoph Fischer – “The Gamblers”

A New Novel by Christiph Fischer The Gamblers I just finished The Gamblers by Christoph Fischer and it is my pleasure to feature him and his book on my humble blog. Christoph has a penchant for understanding the actions, desires, foibles, and motivations of people. That can be discerned by some of his previous books […]

“Butterflies And Jellybeans – A Love Story” (Take a peek!)

     My only ‘Romance’ writing so far is “Butterflies And Jellybeans – A Love Story.” The book was dedicated to my most beautiful twin granddaughters, Chase and Paige, affectionately known by me as ‘Chatty Chaser’ and ‘The Pickle Princess.’ Chase’s nickname came from a hike down a mountain in southeast Arizona – grandma and I […]