Before I proceed to my ‘TAG” business, I would like to pay my special respect and say a big ‘Thank You’ to A. K. Andrew (@artyyah on Twitter) for nominating me for the “Beautiful Blogger Award.’ This delightful person put no responsibility to the nomination. Readers are invited to visit A.K. at http://akandrew.com and […]

“The Things I Don’t Know”

                       There are some things we feel, instinctively know, that we hold dear and very few counter positions can sway those special holdings. I’m talking about the feelings we have about the books we read, our children, our faith, family values, friendships, movies, political views, television shows, and other venues of thought that generally fall under the ‘subjective’ […]

My Twitter Friend Honors Me!

                                                                                                    We who write, we who diligently do the daily maintenance of our twitter sites know about the time consumption aspects of the many activities involved. Most of us who write also have Facebook, Google Plus, Goodreads, LinkedIn, PinIt, and other writer-connection networks – those places we hash mark and direct others. For this ‘twilight tweeter’ […]