Before I proceed to my ‘TAG” business, I would like to pay my special respect and say a big ‘Thank You’ to A. K. Andrew (@artyyah on Twitter) for nominating me for the “Beautiful Blogger Award.’ This delightful person put no responsibility to the nomination. Readers are invited to visit A.K. at http://akandrew.com and […]

Cats Are A Lot Like Twitter

‘George’ is a Bengal cat. My wife refers to him as, ‘your cat,’ usually when he’s ‘tweeting’ so much (meowing non-stop) or knocking stuff off the coffee table or ktchen counter. ‘George’ does have his precious and sweet moments, like, when he gently taps me on the arm to let me know he’s off for […]

“How Dare That Inconvenience!”

I’m currently working on a new book and stopped long enough to check in with twitter…Twitter had the audacity to be ‘down.’ Like, down for over an hour — and, still down! How dare that inconvenience! Serves a point in our lives today, does it not? We live in a digital world in which some […]