Becky and a Text Message

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She smiled as she read the text message from husband David… Tonight’s the night, my angelic beauty! The calendar says so, and I say so… Her left hand was poised to type a reply, but she thought better of the idea…

Becky Flowers knew something her husband did not know and she wanted to save the secret until she got home… Becky saw the family doctor that early afternoon and was given the golden news that she and David were to be parents. She was so excited it was difficult to contain herself…Becky becoming pregnant was a top priority since their wedding night.

Yet, in her ecstatic state, she had to share the news with someone and she began texting her best friend, Lily. She took a quick look at the road in front of her, saw no immediate traffic coming, and resumed her texting, made some mistakes in spelling, corrected and continued. The County Road was still virtually void of traffic when she glanced again. She decided against pulling over to the shoulder and finishing her text message…she was anxious to get home to David.

Becky put the last few words to the message when the car bounced abruptly. She had strayed to the gravel shoulder and fear hit her just as her right front tire went into a deep pot-hole. Her speed was fifty-miles per hour but in her mind seemed much faster. She over corrected for the pot-hole which caused the car to swerve sharply down a short embankment and smash into a telephone pole, even as she applied the brake and accelerator simultaneously. The driver-side air bag did not deploy and the car/pole impact whipped Becky’s head backward and forward concurrently, slamming her head into the steering wheel.

Butterflies were everywhere, beautiful butterflies, all colors represented, and there was a man in pale blue coveralls standing near her with a knife in his hand…what was he doing? She tried to struggle, get away from this man, but she was unable to move. Then she saw a calf being delivered with the help of the man in the coveralls. The man looked gently at her and smiled…he looked familiar to her. From some hidden place within her mind, she remembered a church service when the minister said caterpillars could only become beautiful flying butterflies but for God’s design.

She was in a meadow of the loveliest green she had ever seen. Cows were lazily grazing, taking great chunks of the green grass into their maws. Some of the cows raised their heads to the sky and mooed…but she couldn’t hear the moos, just knew they were mooing, paying forward thanks to Saint Francis for the beauty of their world. This was all so strange to her, and the sunlight was so bright it made the meadow brilliantly sparkle.

Becky slowly opened her eyes and saw David standing over her. He was holding her hand. “Hey, you, how do you feel?” He bent and kissed her on the cheek.

She looked around the room, suddenly aware she was in a hospital. “Oh, David, I’m so sorry!” she softly murmured.

“Don’t be sorry, sweetheart…you just got a bad bump on the head. You’re going to be fine… Hey, I’ve got great news for you: we’re going to have a baby!”

Becky’s eyes widened and tears began to fall down her cheeks… “Ah, David, I wanted to be the one to tell you that news… I saw our doctor today… The baby? She’s okay?” She squeezed David’s hand and grinned.

“Oh, yeah, the baby’s fine, honey…” he hesitated, “but you’re getting bad information from somewhere. The baby is a boy!” He grinned back…he wanted a boy – she wanted a girl.

Becky’s head sank happily and deeper into the pillows. She sighed, “Dear Love, I promise you I will never text-message again while driving…”

“Not unless you want a spanking!” David bent and gave Becky a long, gentle hug, and, to further lighten the moment, said, “And your car is in the shop being repaired – insurance covering the damage, both to you and the car.”

Billy Ray Chitwood – July 4, 2015

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NOTE: I’ve been honored with nine Blog Award nominations… I do not list them here for brevity’s sake. Good reading!


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