First Class

First Class “Would you like a drink before takeoff, Mr. Bryson?” asked the lovely blond flight attendant with blue eyes and conquettish smile. “Do we have time?” flicking my eyes a few times in answer to the smile. “Sure. We have a bunch of planes lined up for takeoff. I figure you for Vodka, stirred, […]

Happy Valentine’s Day

Song of Summer Love A gentle zephyr touches her face And she smiles sweetly in the sunglow A thousand unspoken words of Love Deep into my soul, and my heart Begs only to stay in this moment of wonder (Billy Ray Chitwood – February 14, 2016) HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY My websites: and

Mission of Love and Pain

Mission of Love and Pain She gripped the steering wheel tightly, causing some erratic drifting across the south-bound lanes of the Interstate. “You okay?” her husband asked. “You’re weaving.” He was in a lucid mood, and her heart and mind were frantic in their tangled states. “I’m fine, honey…just a little tense about the upcoming […]

Magical Day in February

Magical Day in February   Fluffy whites play in the sky Of powder blue, Defying the gray of winter With its pleasant hue. Surely an ugly mood can Change to Hope, Dispel for hours the woes With which we cope. Can such a Day void the Voices of Doom? Shatter dark oppressive shadows Of gloom? […]