My Favorite Spot

Artists find favorite spots to paint, by the sea, in a park, a mountaintop, or a kitchen (thinking ‘still life’ with apples, bananas, cherries because I’m hungry for them). Writers must need their favorite spots as well. Most of my writing has come in the last twenty years, much of it stored in 8″X10″ cardboard […]

Cats Are A Lot Like Twitter

‘George’ is a Bengal cat. My wife refers to him as, ‘your cat,’ usually when he’s ‘tweeting’ so much (meowing non-stop) or knocking stuff off the coffee table or ktchen counter. ‘George’ does have his precious and sweet moments, like, when he gently taps me on the arm to let me know he’s off for […]

The World Is Changing And I’m Stuck Here!”

Classical music has always had a soothing quality for me. Those plaintive country songs, ‘Mama’s gone – I’m sad – too bad,’ were part of my early life in Tennessee, and they still have a certain resonance for me. Never ever liked the heavy metal music, the loud ear-drum jarring sounds that came from the […]

Soliloquy To A Boarding House Cook

Don’t guess too many boarding houses even exist anymore, but let me tell you: the best food I’ve ever eaten was in a boarding house setting. The cook? My dear, beloved, departed mother. In one of my books, I mention that she is up there with angel ‘Clarence’ ringing a bell when some earthly creature […]

Frustration With The Writing Tools

What are writing tools? Guess for me they are what our English/French/German/Spanish language teachers taught us regarding syntax, all the grammar stuff: sentence structures, noun-verb agreements, prepositional phrases, the past tense, present tense, all the linguistic novelties of our native tongues. Why this post about writing tools? Guess there really is no significant reason, except […]