A Wise And Witty Lady

Her name is Linda Urbach aka Linda Howard and if you are a reader who enjoys wisdom and wit in the books and passages over which you hover, you must read the blogs and the books by this exceptional author. To use a phrase that might seem time-worn, she is truly ‘the real thing’. Please […]

Quarter Moon And Venus

  Quarter-Moon and Venus From my new home on the Cumberland Plateau I sit in my Lazy Boy and look out the big great room windows across a canyon of trees to another plateau across the way. Except for a large leaning tree with high branches the sky occupies the biggest portion of the window […]

The Man Under The Hat – His New Book: “The Hungry Ghosts”

The Man Under The Hat – His New Book: “The Hungry Ghosts” Writing means so much to me. The process of stringing words together to build characters and plots is fascinating. An internal bell goes off when I fancy that I’ve nailed a line, a paragraph, a chapter, that says exactly what I want it […]

Meet my new book: “The Reluctant Savage”

The writing process itself satisfies me immensely and, as most authors feel, I am gratified when a book I’ve written is bought by readers. Having just published my tenth book, “The Reluctant Savage,” it is now that difficult time to market the book, to let the world know that it exists and, more importantly, the […]