Reality Within Reality

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Reality Within Reality

His gait was unsteady and his mind wandered aimlessly down tunnels of aberration. Like a maze, each turn he took presented a moment in time that was vaguely representative of some reality that he could not hold but for seconds before a new reality came. He was dizzy with the thought patterns and scared of what they meant. He clamped his hands to the sides of his head and screamed, but there came no relief. He stumbled and fell.

He heard a voice, soft and desperate, calling a name he could not recognize.

He began to cry, his tear-filled face lifted to a deity of mercy…

Then came a moment of lucidity…his wife, Helen, stood above him, she, too, sobbing, tenderly touching him with shaking hands. “Oh, Jimmy, I wish there was a miracle handy…”

He looked up at her, smiled weakly, and spoke, “It’s okay, my sweet lady, I just had a few bad moments.” He stood, grasping the edges of the bathroom counter. “Come, let us go have our breakfast.”

They walked together to the kitchen. He sat at the padded booth near the granite counter and watched his wife putting the bacon slices in the frying pan, enjoying the familiar and enticing smell. He watched her fry the eggs and hash browns, put the  bread slices in the toaster, heard the tinkle of the plates and silverware, and he felt contented.

When Helen placed his bacon and eggs in front of him, he smiled and touched her hand. “Ah, Judy, it’s so nice to have breakfast at dinner time… Please, join us.”

Helen placed her plate beside him and sat, looked wistfully at her husband of forty years, smiled sweetly for him.

It was 2:30 in the morning…

Quick Flash Fiction – Billy Ray Chitwood – November 1, 2015



How Do I Get There From Here?


How Do I Get From Here To There?

I’m a simple man, amazed at the great minds that have given me so many toys with which to play in my adult existence, a man so simple in fact he cannot figure out how to magically utilize the power of SEOSearch Engine Optimization. I’m told that is the meaning of that acronym. If I knew how to use SEO, I’m sure my blog posts and my 13 books would reach more people.

Okay, I’m an ‘old dog’ trying to learn new tricks and beginning to realize that some quaint bromides make a lot of sense.

Now, those ‘widgets’, if I could only drag them to the ‘bar’ that’s mentioned on the page I’d be proud of the accomplishment.

Aw, never mind me! It’s a dreary Monday and I’m just a bit ‘down’…just finished my 13th book, Stranger Abduction, and I’ve not found the formula for a good launch, other than blogging, reblogging, tweets, Facebook mentions, and paid advertising. I know there are ‘Book Launch Tours’ but don’t really know how they work or the value of them. Guess I could run a few giveaway days on Amazon KDP, but it goes against my nature. I mean, working on a book for months, edits, re-writes, etc., all the time spent and give it away? PLUS, it’s a good book with a solid story line and great characters – inspired by an actual event. PLUS, I’m not so full of energy these days…okay, ‘lazy’ might be a more suitable word! PLUS, I did not do enough prep work – beta readers, seeking reviews, press releases, interviews, and the like…maybe I’m a good writer but a lousy promoter.

Anyway, ‘getting there’ (successfully selling my book(s)) from here (‘in La-La Land’) is a problem for me. SO, I must rely on more pleading blog posts and my relentless tweets. Some of you out there in ‘Blogville’ and ‘Tweetland’ have got to take pity on me, pay the dumb .99 cents (or, borrow on KDP free)  reviews. Tell you what, if you don’t like my new book, Stranger Abduction, my fairly popular Mama’s Madness, or any of my 13 books, I’ll give you your money back…just come down (or, up, depending on where you are) to Kentucky, find me, and I’ll return your  .99 cents – or, if you splurge for the book, I’ll return that amount. However, I won’t be able to pay your airfare, car mileage, and food costs…

Well, you think about it while you check out the two books below…and the other eleven books at You will find summaries there of each book.

You wonderful folks could be my way of getting ‘there from here’! Bless you all! AND, I’m not running for any government office…

Billy Ray Chitwood – October 26, 2015   

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Amazon Worldwide

Stranger Abduction just out this month – NEW! Inspired by a true Mother and Daughter disappearance in SE Arizona.

Mama’s Madness has many 5-Star reviews on Amazon. Inspired by an actual Northern California case – a mother from hell tortures and murders two of her daughters and an ex-husband.



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LAUNCH OF NEW BOOK: “Stranger Abduction”



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* A Mystery inspired by a True Event!

* A mother and her 14-year old daughter disappear!

*The World stops for the father and siblings!

*What happened on that sunny Sunday afternoon walk to the rural store for cigarettes and ice cream?

* The county sheriff proclaims it a STRANGER ABDUCTION!

Please leave an Amazon review…the author appreciates your efforts.

Billy Ray Chitwood – Oct. 14, 2015



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The Magic of Diversity

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,          Felix Borges>    

The Magic of Diversity

I write blogs, books, poetry, and songs. The truth is these creative activities provide me with therapy for my heart and soul, and, it is my hope they provide some entertainment value for the readers. My writing provides me also with an escape from the sometimes blunt and hard realities of life.

The young men pictured above divert their creative energies toward their beautiful and soulful musical instruments…the flute and the cello. Born in Brazil, they brought their dreams and large talents to our Kentucky bluegrass, teaching in our colleges, pursuing doctoral degrees and studies at University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville.

It was my pleasure to attend a concert last Sunday where these two virtuosos regaled the audience in superb fashion with both classical and light music. For example, the master flutist, Denis Santos, had the large audience bouncing, smiling, standing in ovation and delight with his version of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.” Moments before, the master cellist, Felix Borges, held all of us spellbound with the rapturous Cello Suite No. 1 – The Prelude – by J. S. Bach…truly music to soothe the soul.

Joining in this considerable talent mix was pianist and conductor extraordinaire, Teresa Tedder, a professor at St. Catherine’s College – the lady who treats us with the annual productions of the Mid-Kentucky Arts Group in Bardstown, Lebanon, Springfield, KY, and other locales… I should not fail to add that she gets much support and hard work from the most charitable Susan and Len Spalding. Last and no means least was the super-talented Higo Rodrigues who performed both duets with Teresa and solos on the ivories.

It struck me that these multi-talented people could easily be in big-city symphonies. I’ve traveled much over the years, am amazed and perhaps should not be, that our little towns here in Mid-Kentucky are blessed with talent that can be a force anywhere in the world.

This blog title, The Magic of Diversity, came to me as I mused about the different paths people take to communicate creatively with the masses – the artists who use their easels of paints to bring us fresh and unique events, popular personalities, sunrises, sunsets…the authors who lose themselves over their lap-tops to bring us memorable stories from all the genres…the sculptors who tediously give us historical impressions…the architects and builders who together erect our magnificent buildings, bridges, and roads…the electronic wizards who supply us with machines that make life easier (and, sometimes, a wee bit difficult – like, me, on the laptop)…yes, even the farmers who grow the nutritional foods that keep our bodies healthy…so very many who contribute positively to our lives.

I’m happy to be living in the land of Lincoln, only a couple of hours from my humble birth place in Tennessee.

A final observation…maybe, two. For anyone considering a college education in the Mid-Kentucky area, please visit a most beautiful campus and the stately halls of learning at St. Catherine College in Springfield, KY. The society of Nuns will be happy to arrange a tour – as will the most knowledgeable and pleasant college Trustee, Leonard Spalding.

Billy Ray Chitwood – Oct. 13, 2015

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New Book Inspired by Truth

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New Book Inspired by Truth

Today, October 6, 2015, my thirteenth book went on Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions – P/B: — Kindle: The book cover is shown above, but, like some ad I cannot remember reminds us, ‘it’s what’s inside that really counts’. For those who like mystery, suspense, and romance, I’d bet the store you will like this one…

The people who follow my blog will hopefully recognize the title and a previous blog about my frustration when the manuscript was lost in a house move – if you will remember, I wrote Stranger Abduction years ago on a Star-Writer word processor, kept the book’s pages in a box which was eventually lost. The book was to be Book 2 of 7 in my ‘Bailey Crane Mystery Series’. Suffice it to say, there are now six books in that series, all ‘stand-alone’ books that do show the natural progression of the central character. The ‘Bailey Cranes’ are cozy mysteries with a lot of musing by Bailey about his life and loves while chasing the bad guys – along with a hefty amount of moral ambivalence…

But I digress too far…

Back to Stranger Abduction, I completely rewrote the book and it stands alone and delivers, without bias I proclaim, clarity of narrative, dialogue, characters of great interest, and an ending which presents an alternate truth to the supposed outcome of a true mother and daughter disappearance…at least, an alternate truth that offers softer contemplation.

‘Proof/pudding’, all that stuff, I hope you find the time to read the paperback or Kindle version of the book and provide Amazon and/or Goodreads with your reviews.

You know, the author creates and hopes he resonates… Of course, the readers make the final determination. In the meantime, except when sleeping, I’ll keep my fingers crossed and wish for a viral happening.

Please enjoy Stranger Abduction. The ‘buy links’ are under the book cover above.

Reblogs will delight me no end… 🙂

Billy Ray Chitwood – October 6, 2015


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