The Magic of Diversity

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The Magic of Diversity

I write blogs, books, poetry, and songs. The truth is these creative activities provide me with therapy for my heart and soul, and, it is my hope they provide some entertainment value for the readers. My writing provides me also with an escape from the sometimes blunt and hard realities of life.

The young men pictured above divert their creative energies toward their beautiful and soulful musical instruments…the flute and the cello. Born in Brazil, they brought their dreams and large talents to our Kentucky bluegrass, teaching in our colleges, pursuing doctoral degrees and studies at University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville.

It was my pleasure to attend a concert last Sunday where these two virtuosos regaled the audience in superb fashion with both classical and light music. For example, the master flutist, Denis Santos, had the large audience bouncing, smiling, standing in ovation and delight with his version of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.” Moments before, the master cellist, Felix Borges, held all of us spellbound with the rapturous Cello Suite No. 1 – The Prelude – by J. S. Bach…truly music to soothe the soul.

Joining in this considerable talent mix was pianist and conductor extraordinaire, Teresa Tedder, a professor at St. Catherine’s College – the lady who treats us with the annual productions of the Mid-Kentucky Arts Group in Bardstown, Lebanon, Springfield, KY, and other locales… I should not fail to add that she gets much support and hard work from the most charitable Susan and Len Spalding. Last and no means least was the super-talented Higo Rodrigues who performed both duets with Teresa and solos on the ivories.

It struck me that these multi-talented people could easily be in big-city symphonies. I’ve traveled much over the years, am amazed and perhaps should not be, that our little towns here in Mid-Kentucky are blessed with talent that can be a force anywhere in the world.

This blog title, The Magic of Diversity, came to me as I mused about the different paths people take to communicate creatively with the masses – the artists who use their easels of paints to bring us fresh and unique events, popular personalities, sunrises, sunsets…the authors who lose themselves over their lap-tops to bring us memorable stories from all the genres…the sculptors who tediously give us historical impressions…the architects and builders who together erect our magnificent buildings, bridges, and roads…the electronic wizards who supply us with machines that make life easier (and, sometimes, a wee bit difficult – like, me, on the laptop)…yes, even the farmers who grow the nutritional foods that keep our bodies healthy…so very many who contribute positively to our lives.

I’m happy to be living in the land of Lincoln, only a couple of hours from my humble birth place in Tennessee.

A final observation…maybe, two. For anyone considering a college education in the Mid-Kentucky area, please visit a most beautiful campus and the stately halls of learning at St. Catherine College in Springfield, KY. The society of Nuns will be happy to arrange a tour – as will the most knowledgeable and pleasant college Trustee, Leonard Spalding.

Billy Ray Chitwood – Oct. 13, 2015

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