Writing And Me

“Writing And Me”

Posted November 1, 2012 by Billy Ray Chitwood

Most people who write and those who wish to write likely know that the libraries of the world are comfortably stacked with the ‘how to’ of creative writing. Guess the thing for me is, I’ve got to do my own struggling, got to find my own way of saying things with these fingers that dance along the laptop keys. The question for me is not so much, how successful can I be financially in my writing? (Don’t get me wrong, would not mind at all cashing a lot of royalty checks!) More important for me at this juncture in my life is finding out about where I’ve been, all the bad things, all the good things, and getting a better idea of who I really am. My books have plots, such as they are, and they have characters. These plots and these characters serve me and give me a chance to ‘muse and fuse,’ to maybe discover some things about me I never knew.

Sure, I want my books interesting enough to be read, enjoyed, and to have people talking about them. The most important thing, though, for me, is being true to me, plumbing my depths, finding the music of my soul, and hoping I discover more of me. Ego? Maybe so. But it has got to be me finding out whether or not I’m any good at this business of writing. You know, I’m beginning to think maybe I am. It’s not that I’m not willing to learn — it’s just, it better be there within me now, this style thing, this appeal to readers, because I’m not necessarily going to find it in the library.

I’m thinking we do it by ‘doing it,’ over and over again… if we’re any good, we need to trust that little voice inside that says we are.

Everyone has to do her and his own thing. I’m old enough to think I’m just as right as some folks who write about writing and maybe too dumb and inflexible to realize I’m singing a song here with a guitar out of tune.

That’s what I’m thinking!


12 thoughts on “Writing And Me

  1. Very nice sentiments. Sometimes it is hard to keep going when finances are short and there is no feed back on how you’re doing, but if the story is “out there” someone will read it someday and it will make a difference. I believe in that. Judith


  2. A great post. I love it when you said “if we’re any good, we need to trust that little voice inside that says we are.” I completely agree with this.

    On one angle, we are lucky that we have these many self-help books that we can use to aid us in almost everything we do. And for writers wanting motivations, inspirations, or just tips to help them write, these are extremely helpful. But I do agree with you that as writers, we need to do our own struggling. Each of us has our own style and that’s what makes each writers unique from everyone else.

    Thank you for sharing this post. I liked it. Take care!

    Jhobell Kristyl


  3. I think you are on the right lines there, Billy. For me, the most important asset of a writer is the ability to tell the truth; that is, to be truthful to what that internal voice is saying as you write. It’s often the most difficult thing to achieve, whether writing ‘genre’ or ‘literature’.


    1. So sorry about the delay in responding to your kind words. I’m so glad you came to my blog and hope you will stay…I’m a little (a lot!) lacking in digital savvy – hence, my delay. Permit me a cyber hug to you as well, Paulette. Hope your 2013 is all you wish it to be.


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