Award Time

One has to take time to acknowledge an award nomination. So, I am.

I’m in the midst of a move to Tennessee from the beautiful Sea of Cortez, but I did want to take the time to acknowledge a nomination I received recently. The image for this award should be displayed on my blog site: Image

My sincere thanks to Kalyen Dunleavy for nominating me for the ‘WordPress Family Award.’ I am indeed honored and my very best wishes go out to you. Please forgive the haste with which this post is delivered. I shall try to make up for it at a later date — after my move. Thank you for your understanding. 

My nominees are:

Thanks to my blog followers for reading my posts. The posts will continue within a week or so, after my move. The archives have perhaps a post you haven’t read. Hope you can read them all.

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9 thoughts on “Award Time

    1. Congratulations and many thanks also for nominating me and Books Now!, Billy Ray! I’ve been caught up with writing a new play and haven’t been “blog watching!”. I’ll return the favour – my problem? With so many inspirational blogs, how to choose just 10?


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