Some Notes On My Writing


Some Notes on My Writing

Words have always fascinated me, individually and the way they can be strung together. For me there’s a certain magic that takes place when I write something that brings echoes from the soul, brings tears or makes me laugh. Writing a blog or a book is an incredible adventure of fingers tapping keys on a blank screen page. From where do the words come, these signals from the heart and the mind?

Quite often I open the blank whiteness of ‘Word’ and only have some simple words to tap on the screen. For example, I dabbled during my more youthful days in acting, stage, and did some television commercials. In a recent blog, I thought the words, ‘Action! Camera!’ Without yet a title for the blog, I allowed the two words to take me on a short ‘flash fiction’ ride, creating the story as I went along. The title in the end became ‘Love and Consequence’. In reading the piece several times I was surprised to find that multiple summations could be made about the post relative to life and its many crossroads.

Again, from where do the words come?

This might not astound or surprise anyone who reads my blogs, but I believe that some of us are endowed with a special talent for creating strings of words that arouse the soul to deliver a moving story, to amuse, anger, bewilder, entertain, inspire, intimidate, terrify. Are we thus endowed by virtue of our life sources, our environment, our genetic programming? Is it as Alfred Lord Tennyson conveyed in ‘The Charge of the Light Brigade’ – “Theirs not to reply / Theirs not to reason why / Theirs but to do and die…”? We are all, of course, marching into the valley of death! But, let’s delay that event and thought for as long as our lives’ purposes allow.

Words and writing are marvelous gifts. Some authors distinguish themselves for their moments in the bright light are timely and their words find an eager audience. Other authors are anguished by rejection slips and their moments come late or not at all. While a jovial and sane person I perhaps would not honor my words, my blogs, my books with Tennyson, Tolstoy, Grisham, Hemingway type praise, but they are good words, good blogs, good books, and worthy of reading. Even I will pick up one of my books on occasion, try to divorce my authorship, read it and find enjoyment from that reading. Sure, I might perchance find a typo or some minor error missed in editing, but it does not dismiss the book’s validity. Sure, add to that a bit of ego and pride… I’m not immune.

If it is folly and I fool myself, so be it…there is immense joy in the penning process. It is enough for me that readers and authors I respect find my stories good enough to earn their 5-Stars. With the positive reviews or without them I am officially a slave to the pecking of laptop keys and will continue until there are no pecks left. However, there is no hiding the fact that an author wishes to be recognized.

My writing is a necessary ingredient in my life these days. Age at times bids me quit my trifling typing on the laptop keys, but I say nay and fill my days with writing. At times there are songs, poetry, flash fiction, short stories, and full-length books. There, in that lofty solitude, I stay young and vibrant. My heroes and heroines fight their good fights, and there is musing on and between the lines of what I write…particularly with my five ‘Bailey Crane Mysteries’, several of which were inspired by true life events. (In fact, as a side note, there were to be six ‘Bailey Crane Mysteries’ — “A Stranger Abduction” is missing — but, with all my moving about, the second manuscript was lost and has not been found. While each book can be read independently it grieves me that some of Bailey’s musings and life situations are not included in the series, enough, however, that your picture of the man will be quite clear.) So be it! As I was saying, I try to capture in my books that vitality and youth, once mine for real, on the blank screens of ‘Word’, present the finished product to an audience I hope might forget for those moments of reading the trivial pursuits of a man in Twilight.

One area of my neglect has been in marketing my books… After all, like any author, I wish to be read. I’ve admittedly been rather inept in this digital world, trying to figure ways to promote myself, making many mistakes. Basically, I’ve been a Tweeter/Re-tweeter fool, have likely not availed myself of the proper use of Facebook, LinkedIn, other no doubt valuable platforms and tools. I’m afraid no one would consider labeling me a ‘Renaissance Man’. It is indeed time that I ask of my blog followers/friends and cyberspace in general for help in promoting my books.

Thus, I come to the really good part of this blog. Beginning on March 30, 2014 and running through April 3, 2014, five of my eleven books are free on Amazon. Hopefully, with fingers crossed and a pitiful pose, those who get free copies will be kind and give me an amazon review. Following are the books and the Amazon sites for getting your free copies:

“The Reluctant Savage” (mystery, suspense, romance)

“Mama’s Madness” – (suspense, evil, inspired by truth)

“Butterflies and Jellybeans – A Love Story” – (romance + twists)

“The Cracked Mirror – Reflections of an Appalachian Son” –  (bio)

“Joe Public’s Political Perspective” – (musings about our nation and its leaders)

Should you like what you read, perhaps you will consider as well my five ‘Bailey Crane Mystery’ titles. All of my books are available through Amazon in paperback and Kindle format. If you wish, please follow me on: and

All my books can be previewed at my IAN site, with Amazon links:

After my proud display of blog awards, please leave a comment if so inclined. Thank you and my very best wishes.

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20 thoughts on “Some Notes On My Writing

  1. Love your blog, Bill. I’ve been thinking a lot about needing to write, and the realization that I will write whether I publish or not. I want to write well, and I want an audience, but regardless, I will write. You’re a kindred soul. BTW, you lost a manuscript in a move?! Was it complete? Can you find it? Will you recreate it?


    1. The MSS was complete – just needed some re-write and editing. Have looked all over for it…did it years ago on an old StarWriter word processor (can’t find the disc either)…Bummer! Rewriting “Stranger Abduction” would be like writing a new book but much would come back to me… The story was inspired by a SE Arizona mother and daughter who went missing and were never found (at least, to my knowledge). May yet find it and/or maybe will re-write.Thanks for loving my post, good buddy and KEEP WRITING!


  2. What a generous person you are Billy Ray.

    Marketing and promotion is a very fickle beast and I wish you the best of luck in this area. I’ll be tweeting this post 😀

    Thank you so much for your lovely tweet about me – I was wrapped 😀

    It’s awful that ‘A Stranger Abduction’ has gone missing – I really hope you find it one day soon xxx


    1. You’re such a lovely lady! Julie and I believe movers lost “Stranger Abduction” in one of our many address changes (ah, sweet wanderlust!) – wrote it on an old StarWriter word processor years ago & had planned to rewrite and edit…may still do that. The story was inspired by an actual Arizona mother and daughter disappearance (don’t believe they were ever found). Maybe I’ll rewrite it.
      No more rats for you! 🙂 xox


  3. Billy, you are blessed with the ability to string words together and create something beautiful.
    How generous of you to offer some of your work for free. I’m curious, which is your favorite? Of course, that’s probably like asking who is your favorite child.
    On of these day, I’m going to learn the ins and outs of Twitter and pay you back for all of your sweet Tweets! Honestly, I’m clueless.


    1. Thank you for the compliment, Jill. Don’t fret for a moment about payback, sweet lady – it’s my pleasure… If I had to choose a favorite, it would likely be “The Cracked Mirror – Reflections of an Appalachian Son.” The ‘why’: 90% of it is history and a true rendering of my life and times – the ‘Way Station’ parts are fictional but most of the rest true. If you perchance get one or all of the books, let me know what you think… I’ll be putting the ‘Bailey Crane Mysteries’ Books 1-5 on KDP soon – minus, of course, “Stranger Abduction.” 🙂 xo


    1. Hi, John, thanks for enjoying my posts. I enjoy yours as well – just don’t comment on posts as much as I would like and should (Time gets away from me!). Hopefully, I’ll get better at that! Hope you might enjoy one or all my books. If you have the time, should you read them, let me know what you think. All my best wishes.


  4. Lovely post, Billy Ray. You took up a number of things that are so important to writers and writing: words (of course!), characters and, of course, marketing. I do hope that you find your ‘lost book’; that would be a dreadful discovery, to find out that a manuscript had gone missing. I also hope that your launch into twitter and associated sites does help you with sales; I shall be thinking of you.


    1. ‘My Girl’ – Thanks for being so supportive, lovely one… I prefer ‘handsome’ to ‘young man’…or, ‘brilliant one’…or ‘exquisite emoter’…or ‘stallion prince’…they will do… xox


  5. Definitely a useful statement of reality as writers see it, twist it into pretzel shapes, and report it with delicate insights and elegant metaphors. I like your metaphors. For me stringing words together is making music. I hear classical themes and bluesy jazz when I write… but that’s just me. I’m goofy like that. I appreciate reading posts by people who think more clearly and carefully than I do.


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