Philanthropists and Kind Souls


Philanthropists and Kind Souls

It is not often that I have the high honor and privilege of meeting two people who have spent major portions of their life giving back from the hard work they loved which brought them happiness and financial independence, two people who know from where their blessings come and easily confer credit to God, two people who have a magnificence about them and need not the flowering adjectives that people might want to convey to them, two people whose names must here remain anonymous because I would not wish to name them and betray them with my own impressions of wonder…they are philanthropists and kind souls of the first order. This is my ‘toast’ to them with the finest wine.

Because of the quality of their lives and their remarkable humility I felt my own need to write about these warm and wonderful folks, to write of their successes and the plethora of good deeds. If by chance some of my local acquaintances and friends will know of whom I speak, so be it…I will not be telling them anything they do not already know.

The man spent the early part of his life in this small town in which I now live and, at age eighteen, decided he would leave to chase his dreams – an occurrence for many of us, finding the small towns of our birth inadequate in supplying the goals we wish to achieve. This man forged an education and an occupation which took him to the top of his chosen field to become the CEO in one of the world’s major asset management corporations. He developed algorithms which made the world of asset management more maintainable and profitable… Now, I know virtually nothing about algorithms for success, for I’m a man led by instinct and passion, a man without a compass. That is okay. The world needs people like me as well.

This man, though, has traveled the world and made it better for so many others. He serves on so many corporate and institutional Boards the page would fill quickly with their names. He donates great sums of money to aid educational institutes – small colleges and universities. He is a Trustee of the highest caliber, a paragon who involves himself with making systems work at their best levels wherever he might be. With all that he does, he carries great humility and cares deeply about the small area of Kentucky where he returned when retirement seemed at hand. He cares deeply about the country and continues in retirement studying and striving to find the ultimate template to make our world a better place.

The lovely woman is herself not only a partner in the man’s work but she, too, spends much of her time donating her time and efforts to make the communities and small towns in our area culturally tuned, providing artistic venues for the people of many adjoining counties. It is the woman who suggested at retirement age that the man might want to return from the big cities of the world to the small town where he was born and raised. So, it is well known that no man does his good deeds and works alone. This great lady has been there with the man all the way.

My good wife and I had a splendid evening with these two grand people just a few nights ago. We visited their most beautiful home on one of our many lakes and dined at a new restaurant in a neighboring town. The ladies would not permit us to have a second ‘Old Fashion’ at the restaurant, and the host lady drove us home. It is only natural that the male of the species wishes to prolong the spirited heights of an ‘Old Fashion’, to continue their comparable journey through the past. Perhaps another night will come when driving is not an issue. Limits of course must be placed on the quantitative side of all good things.

There is so much more that could be written here about these two people, their calm and patient demeanors, their accomplishments, their lovely home, and their graciousness. This blog might be a bit too personal to suit some, but I felt the need to write it. If for no other reason, perhaps it is a testament of sorts that our world does indeed have some caring and humble human beings.

Billy Ray Chitwood – December 1, 2014

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