Allusions, Delusions, and Illusions

Bill Chitwood

Allusions, Delusions, and Illusions

Hard to admit I am not the great author I think I am — that’s delusion!

Don’t get me wrong, my writing satisfies my needs of expression through characters and plots, and it is my belief that I do it very well…even with some careless and clumsy mistakes — that statement can be classified as both allusion and illusion.

What is fact?

To me, fact as it relates to writing is what the reader takes away from her/his reading of a book. One reader might think a book is remarkably well done, while another might consider the same book mediocre at best. Each reader considers the takeaway as fact…and, it really does not matter how much allusion, delusion, and illusion accompanies the takeaway. It is that reader’s fact.

What am I saying by writing this?

Writers write their stories, fiction or truth, and they have a style. That style appeals or it does not. Writers become famous and household names, perhaps are rejected many times by mainstream publishers, wait years for their acclaim to come. They write because they have something to say and a burning need to say it. Most writers will fade away, either lacking the skills they need or tired of constant rejection. Those with the skills and that burning desire will make it, perhaps not all the way to the New York Times Best Selling lists, even to the best known writers lists, but to a comfortable and satisfying stature point of acceptance. The foods of the field, the apples, oranges, grapefruits, certain veggies, keep selling because enough people like them. Writers of books are of course not foods of the field but an analogy can still be made: when enough people like reading an author’s books, her/his titles will sell.

The interesting truth? The best selling authors use allusions, delusions, and illusions in writing and selling their books.

You can preview my 12 books of government, memoir, mystery, suspense, romance, fiction and my non-fiction at: You can know these things about me as an author: I have something to say; I have a burning need to say it; I use allusions, delusions, and illusions in everything I author.

Take this one, for instance – PLEASE!

BookCoverImage (3)


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This book was inspired by some truth – I lived for several years on The Sea of Cortez in Mexico – and there are some true connections to the cartel, to murder, to evil… There are also my allusions, my delusions, and my illusions. Hope you can read this ‘thriller’ (an allusion? a delusion? an illusion?) Me? I think it’s a thriller!

Happy reading to all.

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14 thoughts on “Allusions, Delusions, and Illusions

  1. An interesting post, Billy Ray, and, I can agree about the delusions, allusions and illusions. Found it interesting, seeing as my next book is all about the relationship between illusion and reality.


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