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Julie Anne

Soon it will be Christmas Day and I wish to leave my grumblings about government, politics, and matters of the world that trouble me. In truth, though railing at times on issues I have little but common sense – or, no sense, perhaps – life at times is too much with me.

I wish my small world of blogger friends to know in this post my wife, Julie Anne, for it is my belief that the world would have fewer concerns if populated by the likes of this lady. Of course, there is a natural bias in the monologue here but I try for accuracy and utmost honesty in the small tribute I pay to her.

I’ve been told, even as a child Julie could be awakened in her crib and would smile sweetly up to those who looked down upon her. So, I start with the smile… It is always there, even in those moments when anger and frustration might lurk in the air. The smile conveys who she really is, a lady who trusts in her simple truths about life.

When I met Julie some thirty-odd years ago her hair was beautifully dark and long, falling gently to the small of her back. That was the feature I saw just after seeing her lovely smile light up the room I was in. The next feature about the lady that came to quick notice was her intellectual grasp of matters being discussed in the room, calmly presented views that rang with authentic validity. It was obvious that she was a lady in tune with the world around her, in the most human and humble of ways. Her natural beauty was there, shapely body, lovely face, but it was her casual self-confidence that drew me to her… Love was perhaps already forming in my heart and mind but the realization would come later.

Back to the smile that conveys who she really is – to me!

First and foremost, Julie was in a former life an animal! That is to say, she loves animals! She was once a dog breeder in Southern California, was mentored by Bill Koehler, Walt Disney’s animal trainer and expert. She showed dogs in shows across the state and country, winning obedience and other prizes along the way. She rode horses in her youth and assisted her father in his barrel-racing – Equestrian Gymkhana. She wrote a short book about the animals and pets in our life and in her life before me – Animal Crackers in My Bed (on Amazon Worldwide http://authl.it/1t1). I should also mention that she compiled a large book of letters, written during 1918-1921 by her three aunts – one sister serving with the Red Cross overseas during World War 1, one sister living in St. Louis, another living in Chicago. These letters are filled with an intelligent depiction of the times, a marvelous compilation I hardily recommend to History lovers everywhere. Her book is entitled, The World after WW1 and is also available on Amazon Worldwide at http://authl.it/1t0.

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Julie is the most family-oriented lady I have ever met, loves children as much as she loves the animals and is in constant communication with our beautiful blended family. She is slow to anger but the mistreatment of animals and children get her to the boiling point. Having the family disconnection and mobility in my youth has made our lives together all the more interesting…and comforting for me.

Julie has a keen awareness of the good and bad events shaping our world, and our views most generally agree and stay in the conservative hemisphere – like that would come as a great surprise! She can converse and be comfortable with people from all walks of life, is not from the wealthy and privileged class. Julie loves genealogy and spends much of her time tracing the both of us and friends back through history. One must be careful not to get her started on the subject…she can indeed talk on and on. She is a most avid reader (a book a day comes close!). She loves her country, covets freedom and liberty for all.

Julie has her resolute faith in God and eternal life. My faith has perhaps more fragility than does Julie’s faith, but we do pray each day and believe that there is a purpose to our living. Julie had an ‘out of body’ experience during an operation which gave solidity to her faith. Her God is with her constantly, in the face of a child, in the beauty of a fawn or sunset, in the natural beauty around her. She is distressed when people hurt people, when people hurt animals, and when families are broken apart.

Julie is shy, sometimes giving the appearance to others of haughtiness. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Her friends know of her tender side, her giving and her goodness. She has a most pleasant humility.

Finally, Julie makes me the luckiest guy in the world. She is a great cook. She cares for me in so many ways, making my life as fret-free as possible – because she knows me, my genesis, my foibles, my moods, and, hopefully, my own goodness. She is a lady I admire greatly. She is my friend, and I love her.

Soon it will be Christmas day! MERRY CHRISTMAS, sweet Julie. I cherish you.


Billy Ray Chitwood – December 24, 2014

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10 thoughts on “Julie Anne

  1. What a lovely gift to your wife, Billy Ray; I’m sure she feels most honoured having a whole post dedicated just to her. A very happy Christmas to both of you.


  2. What a wonderful tribute to your wife Billy Ray. She must know how loved and cherished she is and no doubt knows how lucky she has been in her choice of partner too.
    Have a Wonderful Christmas.


  3. Great to meet Julie Anne and it sounds as if you were a couple made for each other. A lovely tribute. Give the lady my regards. And enjoy the rest of the holidays


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