My Way – Crazy or Not


My Way – Crazy or Not

Hey, this life-thing is a one-way ride or a round-trip! Who can truly say? All I know is I’m going to cram as much as I can into this trip of which I’m consciously aware – well, maybe! For all I really know, I could be unconscious or this rambunctious rumble through life could be a dream…maybe I’ll get to know just what it really is in God’s Place or another dimension or parallel universe.

This is all to say I’ve moved again! Yeah, gone to Kentucky for a spell, or, for keeps. My sweet wife has almost gotten used to my gypsy ways…in fact, I’m beginning to believe she enjoys all the work involved and the follow-up jive she gives me. Mostly, though, she gives me love and understands that the seeds for my wanderlust were sown way back in those eastern Tennessee hills. All the mobility and poverty kept me on the move with some uncertain delivery systems. Finally grew up – notice I did not say ‘matured’ – and found a restless nature that seemed never satisfied, always searching for some nebulous something.

So I move a lot!

This time, the new home is some kind of fantastic! Built in 1871 (with some modern new additions, of course!), the home has with it six bedrooms, rolling bluegrass hills for roaming and viewing, pond, pool, lovely trees. Now, the house is a bit small for the two of us (he says in heavy jest!) – 7000 square feet in the main house and 1100 square feet in the pool house (and another bedroom and bath). Now we do have a bunch of kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids to fill the rooms – but my rule is they cannot stay too long, just a few days. Otherwise, I don’t get to do the loafing I’m so good at and the writing of my fiction and non-fiction.

Yes, of course, all the psych people are correct – I’m very likely a ‘mess’ and have too much time on my hands. (No, I’ve never been and never intend to be on a psych person’s couch! If I cannot figure this ‘thing’ out with the years I’m putting into it, so be it.)

But back to the moves! Each one excites and brings renewed hope that the next stop is to be the place where I uncover an ultimate truth to my being, or, at least, is to be a place that can arrest the existential wandering and wondering… Don’t you just love that word, ‘existential’? It says so much and nothing at the same time!

This move, though, I’m seriously thinking will be my last. I love the property. I love the little town. I love the people. Maybe, just, maybe, not promising anything here, I might find my Nirvana.

My head is near bursting! Must be the air carrying all the jeering and laughter of my great wife, my wonderful kids, dear relatives, and the friends who know me so well – or think they do.

Billy Ray Chitwood – October 10, 2014

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8 thoughts on “My Way – Crazy or Not

  1. It sounds great. If you ever feel it’s a bit empty you could always organise a conference for indie authors and we’ll all come over! Not that I’m saying you need it, but I’m a psychiatrist, although I don’t have a couch, but…


  2. I was waiting for the pictures of the house, Billy Ray 😉
    Have you ever read the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho? It’s one of my favourites and if you haven’t read it I won’t give away the story, but it’s about a boy who moves a lot searching for the ultimate truth of his being. You reminded me of it when I read this post.


    1. Strange you mention Paulo Coelho! Yes, “The Alchemist” is beautiful! The ‘strange’ thing: twice, Paulo has ‘followed’ me (I’m honored!) but when I ‘follow’ back he ‘un-followed’ me! It’s actually happened two times… I’m happy to say he’s again following me… I’m still honored!
      Always great to hear from you, Dianne. Hope all is well at the RUC…


    1. ‘Chutzpah’ comes relatively easy at this age! 🙂 It is an amazing piece of property – with the main house and pool house, there is a combined square footage of 8100sf…plus 6.8 acres – talk about ‘Chutzpah’! It’s all good! We’re in ‘the land of Lincoln’, so the history and the rolling hills have extra meaning.
      Hope you’re well and happy, dear Eden…
      Billy Ray xox


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