Essence of Fate

Essence of Fate
From exotic lands across the waters she came, humbly poised, beautiful, her raven hair and blue eyes enchanting, her body statuesque and sensuous.
Some harried and rushing passenger caused her to drop a package on the airline terminal floor.
Shyly, I stooped to pick it up for her and was barely able to look into her wondrous orbs, feeling an inadequacy of self.
In her soft voice she thanked me and somehow noticed the depth of my timidity, She asked my name, gave me hers, and we managed a short clumsy conversation.
There was a transference of emotions generated by our eyes neither of us could understand.
We parted there in the terminal, she on her way to Baggage Claim, me, on my way back to the parking garage and my office after dropping off something forgotten by a colleague.
Purposely I drove from the airport parking lot past the exiting passengers from Baggage Claim.
There she was, walking out the door pulling her luggage.
On impulse, I stopped at the curb, put the gear in idle, and stepped from the car.
She felt my offer generous and accepted a drive to her hotel in downtown San Francisco. She explained her business was to complete and sign the final papers on a literary branch offices lease, tend to furniture, signage, interview some prospective employees, and meet with one of the company’s top female authors.
We became more relaxed on the drive to her hotel, and I sensed a bonding between us.
My office was in Foster City, as was my lakeside condominium, and we agreed to dinner that night at my favorite restaurant.
From that dinner, I learned she was originally from Perpignon in the south of France, educated in London, lived and worked there for the past five years as an editor and part owner of an international publishing house.
She learned from the dinner that I was a business consultant, born and raised in Virginia, having come west and opened my own consulting company.
Two people, born worlds apart, fall in love in an airline terminal, marry, have a family – all, thanks to a rude airline passenger rushing to catch a flight.
Fate, Karma, Kismet, call it what you will, but it led me to the lady of my life
Short Flash Fiction by Billy Ray Chitwood – 9/12/16
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